“I Woke Up For Work This Morning And Found My Mom Dead”

Source: Reddit

I get up at 3:45 am so it’s pretty early. The only reason I’ve been checking on her is because she threw back out a few days ago. She hasn’t been eating even though I’ve done all the cooking lately ( I’m 37M with my 12 yr old son. We split rent and she helps me with babysitting ) past few days all she’s asked for was water, Tylenol, and maybe a coke. I bought her some vegetable soup last night, told her I was back and she said put it in the microwave, so I did. She’s a very stubborn woman. All she asked for last night was a glass of water. I kept telling her, I was just gonna call 911 to take her to ER.

Long story short I woke up for work, went to go check on her. She was in the same position as yesterday night, I screamed mom several times, no response, I said quit f**king with me, still no response…..she was cold to the touch and had no pulse……moral love your Mom and let her know because you never know when there gonna go.

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