‘I woke up from a coma alone in hospital to discover I’d been ghosted by my man’

After awakening from a coma to find her fiancé had banned her on social media and left her for another woman, a lady has described her anguish.

Brie Duval, 25, was living in Canada when she fell from a rooftop nightclub in a bizarre mishap and slammed head first into the pavement in August 2020. She was taken to the University of Alberta Hospital and put on life support in the ICU after suffering many fractured bones and a brain injury.

Doctors gave her a 10% chance of life and put her in a coma to assist her heal. Her parents denied physicians cut off her life support, and she began to recuperate after three weeks. Fortunately, she awoke after three months. But she had amnesia and couldn’t recall anything about her life, even her fiancé, for another two months.

Five months after the tragedy, she began to recall her life before the coma and attempted to contact her four-year fiancé, only to learn he’d ghosted her and moved on. Brie expressed that when she was eventually handed her phone, she called him right away, only to learn he hadn’t seen her once.

She unlocked her phone to text him when a reply from this woman appeared saying she is now with [partner’s name]. Please do not contact him because he is already living with her and her son.

She explained that she hasn’t heard from him since she was in the hospital; he’s totally abandoned her. So she doesn’t even know why this occurred. Brie was also unable to see her parents, who were barred from entering the country owing to coronavirus regulations. People were not permitted to enter or exit Australia at the height of Covid restrictions.

Brie’s parents approached the government for special authorization, believing they would have to say farewell to their daughter. They rejected them, they didn’t give them an opportunity, they didn’t give them an explanation, they simply said no. So her mother urged physicians in Canada to keep her life support on and not to cut it off under any conditions, which they had to do medically.

Brie meeting her parents would have greatly aided her recovery from the near-death event. She continued that she was bewildered, afraid, and she would practically cry each single day. It was an experience she will never forget, and she will never be apart from her family again.

Brie has returned to Australia to be closer to her family and loved ones.

Her story has gone viral on TikTok, where she goes by the handle ‘HotComaGirl113,’ the same as Rebel Wilson’s role in the Netflix film Senior Year.

@hotcomagirl1 Should I do a story time? #fyp #coma #ex #storytime ♬ original sound – HotComaGirl113

Rebel portrays an adolescent girl who finds up in a coma for 20 years following a cheerleading mishap when she is 17 years old. Rebel’s personality Stephanie is likewise an Australian immigrant – but residing in the US instead of Canada.

In another footage, she relates herself to Rebel in the film, but she thinks she’s a lot less gorgeous and woke up with dirty hair instead of Rebel’s neatly styled hair.

@hotcomagirl1 Real coma experience vs. senior year coma experience! #fyp #coma #braininjuryawareness #braininjurysurvivor ♬ original sound – HotComaGirl113

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