“Am I Wrong For Not Attending My Daughter’s Gender Reveal Party?”

It’s no secret that an increasing number of individuals are opting to live childless lives. In this story a daughter was upset with her mom. Read the story to know why and let us know what you think about the situation.

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This is literally really stupid but she’s really upset about it. So my (48) daughter (23) has a blue tongue skink who she heavily adores. She jokingly refers to it as her daughter, I’ve found it weird but she says it’s because it’s the closest thing she’d have to a child and she feels a strong emotional bond similar to a child. She has decided to remain child free for multiple reasons and I have been very supportive of this decision.

Well she recently took her Skink to the vet for a checkup and she was excited to find out her Skinks gender. Afterwards I got a text asking if I’d come to her gender reveal party she was having. She explained it was just a small get together with cake and food for her friends she hasn’t seen in a while with the gender reveal being mostly a joke (and a way to make fun of real gender reveals).

Well I didn’t come. I didn’t see a point. It’s just a lizard and I’m a busy person. She later called me and expressed she was kind of sad I didn’t come cuz it’d been a while since I’d seen her but she understood I was busy. I told her she couldn’t actually expect me to come to a gender reveal for a lizard. She said that it wasn’t a real gender reveal, that it was more of a joke and it was really just a small gathering to catch up with everyone. I told her if that was the case she should’ve just called it a gathering because I’m not coming to a gender reveal unless it’s for a real granddaughter.

She got quiet for a minute and then turned my words around, claiming I wasn’t supportive of her decision to be childfree. I told her she can’t possibly expect me to treat a lizard as a granddaughter, she said she didn’t expect me too but it was clear I didn’t respect her bond with her lizard and her decision, and she just wanted to see me and my reason for coming was hurtful. I told her she was being ridiculous over a lizard, she claimed it wasn’t over the lizard and it was a gathering and not even centered around the lizard, but I stick by what I said. It’s ridiculous to have a gender reveal for a lizard.

She hung up and I got a message from her best friend about how I’m an Jerk for treating her that way, but I don’t think I’m the JERK for not wanting to go to a party for a lizard?

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