“I’m 82 and my husband, 36, has left for Egypt again after a brief reunion” My Priceless Gem.

We occasionally fixate on age disparities between people, forgetting that age is merely a number. Nothing else counts as long as there is sincere love and dedication. Here is a love story which truly shows that age has nothing to do with love. 

PENSIONER Iris Jones, 82, and her “priceless diamond” of a spouse Mohamed, 36, are being kept separated once more, after he returned to Egypt following a brief reunion. Iris met Egyptian-born Mohamed, 36, on Facebook in 2019 and wedded in November 2020, despite their 46-year age difference. 

She’s been updating followers on their relationship on social media, and she came to Facebook recently to share her delight at reconnecting with her husband after a month away. 

“Love is… Knowing you look like s**t after a day of chores and gardening, clothed in my scruff!” she wrote. 

She expressed that after a month apart, her lovely hubby will greet her just as she is since that is what love is all about. 

She added, Mohamed, welcome home. Missing him over the last month has made her realise what a wonderful treasure he is. She further writes that in the future, this rough gem of a woman will be more grateful to him. 

On the same day, however, Mohamed released a video from Cairo airport in Egypt, explaining that he had returned to the nation for a “special cause.” 

He says in the video that he misses his wife Iris and misses his life with his wife. 

Individuals remarking on the video thought that the couple was separated due to a visa difficulty, as it had previously been disclosed that the Home Office had yet to give Mohamed a spousal visa. Iris and Mohamed submitted for his visa in August of last year, with the assumption that a choice on whether to give him one would be made by November. 

However, it appears that the decision has yet to be made. 

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