“I’m Not Much Of A ‘Bragger’ But I’m Going To Brag About My Husband.”

Source: Facebook

I’m not much of a ‘bragger’ but I’m going to brag! Lol. My husband is one of the most sweetest, kindest, selfless and humble men I’ve ever known. A little boy on the news in maple heights was mowing lawns and had the police called on him for, “mowing a piece of the neighbors lawn”, smh. We were so pissed. Here’s a 12 year old (and his siblings) trying to make some money and keep busy, so my husband decided to step in. You don’t discourage kids or anyone doing the right thing!! Especially in todays world.

My husband, owning a landscaping business decided to reach out to his mother and help him out with some equipment (a blower, etc) to make it easier for him to do these lawns.

What I wonderful young man and family! God bless them!! And I’m so blessed to call this man my husband!! 💙 be kind and always spread love!

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