‘I’m potty training my five-week-old – he already signals when he needs the loo’

Potty training a kid may be a time-consuming and difficult procedure. However, one mother believes to have erased all of the worry by teaching her five-week-old son to use the potty.

Jules uploaded an Instagram Reel of how she began, displaying her baby Matteo signing to let her know he needed to pee.

“This is when he’s going to let it rip,” she remarked, pointing to a photo of him pouting with his fists clenched.

She grunt to let him know she comprehends and inquire if he has to do poo, she explained as she held him over the baby toilet. He recognized what was going on and began groaning and pushing.

Matteo also lets his mother “understand when he’s finished.”

Jules concluded with a photo of her kid lying on the floor: Everything had been emptied. Babies are incredible!

Her clip was captioned as follows: “Did you know you could toilet train your child?

“It is known as Elimination Communication. Mateo was four weeks old when we began. He now waits until he can use the restroom before producing a BM (bowel movement).

She remarked that it’s incredible! Pees are more difficult to catch, but they caught the poops! Mateo will be less miserable in a dirty diaper, and they will waste fewer diapers and save more money.

Some commended Jules for potty training Matteo at the age of five weeks, while others saw no reason.

“This serves no purpose in my opinion! ZERO! Five weeks?” one person wrote.

“Ummm, why is he 5 weeks old and doesn’t even comprehend the concept of toilet training, and I swear pressure on a newborn for what????” another was added.

A third person added: “Babies can no longer be babies. Everything has to be rushed.”

“Knock it off and let the baby be a baby..goodness,” another user said.

“When does a baby just become a baby? This ninja has to go straight to work out of the womb. Relax, for example” another was added.

Others, on the other hand, claimed that Jules had done an excellent job training Matteo to use the potty at such an early age.

“Wowww!!! This is simply incredible! I wish I had known about this. I just discovered something new! Fantastic!” Someone wrote.

“That is incredible! I wish I had known this sooner!” another was added.

When did you potty train your child?

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