Incredible Bond Between Toddlers With Down Syndrome Will Blow You Away.

Most people seem to develop friendships when they start going to school and are around so many other people. But Clara and Cutler started forming a strong friendship when they were only a few months old. And they sure don’t like to be apart from each other.

They will share something very special throughout their lives, as they were both born with Down’s syndrome. Perhaps that’s their connection. But whatever the case, they certainly enjoy each other’s company.

Clara’s mom, Lana Beaton, and Cutler’s mom, Amy Sanders, actually grew up together in Grand Forks, North Dakota. They were never really close until their beautiful babies came along. And now Clara and Cutler spend at least two days a week together, sharing physical, occupational and therapy sessions together.

And, of course, they have their play time with each other. This is one friendship that should last a long, long time. 

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