Incredible Story Of 2 Yr. Old Nigerian Kid Abandoned By His Parents.

Many might remember the extremely touching photo of Hope, a little 2-year-old Nigerian boy whose family abandoned him because they thought he was a witch.

The photo shows humanitarian aid worker Anja Ringgren Lovén, a Danish woman, giving the emaciated boy some water. He had spent six months fending for himself, living on any scraps of food he could find. Anja, the founder of DINNødhjælp organization, took him in, and through many donations, the young boy received medical treatment.

In a short time, he started gaining weight and getting healthy again, and many considered it nothing short of miraculous. All of that was nearly four years ago, and now, Hope is a big boy. And a healthy one.

Anja and her Nigerian-born husband, David Emmanuel Umem, have worked together to build the largest children’s center in West Africa.

It’s called the Land of Hope in Nigeria, and it houses more than 70 children, all of them accused by their families of being witches. Hope is among those children.

The main focus at the center is educational development. Anja said thousands of children in the region are accused of being witches, and are abandoned by their families to die on their own. Others are even burned to death by their families. Through their organization, Anja and her husband receive donations to help many of these children who were given up by their families. And, hopefully, their work will be able to continue as long as necessary.

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