Incredible Trick To Make Sure Baby Doesn’t Cry During Injection By This Loving Doctor.

Nobody I know of enjoys getting a shot at the doctor’s office. Needles are like Dracula coming at you in a dark alley. Ya wanna get away. And needles have been coming at us ever since we were babies. And now, fortunately, they give those all-in-one shots to keep babies safe from diphtheria, whooping cough, polio, hepatitus B, and all those other things.

But you know when a baby is jabbed by a needle, they sure have no problem letting you know about it. Of course, I still let people know about it.

But… one doctor is using a method to curb the freak out from babies when they get their shots. He sings them a silly little song, and he makes some funny noises. And then he taps the baby with the needle (with it’s protective case on, of course.) And when that baby becomes completely mesmerized by the doctor…. he sticks ’em.

Ok, that sounds meaner than it really is. Besides, these shots protect them from some very scary things that could cause them and their parents some tremendous agony down the road. So, the little stick is a small sacrifice for the protection it gives.

And the baby’s reaction? The little boy or girl doesn’t even know what hit ’em, and they’re still happy babies. So the next time you have to take your baby to the doctor for shots, show the doc this clip, and see if he or she is interested in keeping your baby happy. 

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