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Inside Luke Bryan’s massive Nashville farm where he raised his sister’s 3 kids after her sudden death

Luke Bryan got the shocking news in 2007 that his sister, Kelly had deceased. The reason of her demise could not be established even by specialists.

Kelly’s husband, Ben came forward and brought-up his three children on his own – son Til and daughters Kris and Jordan. Unfortunately, the family encountered another massive sorrow as they lost Ben in an accident in 2014.

Til was 16 years old whereas Kris and Jordan were college-aged at that time of Ben’s demise. Luke Bryan and his spouse Caroline, instantly jumped into action when the disaster hit and taken the responsibility to look after the three kids. Luke and Caroline moved Til to their home in Nashville.

Once Luke himself was a teen, he lost his brother Chris in a car crash and after seven years, his sister Kelly pass away as well which must have been an upsetting setback to the singer.

Maybe, the agony of losing both his siblings is what energies Luke’s song to be so moving. He began his profession shortly after in Nashville and then wedded to his college love, Caroline.

They married in 2006 and have two boys, 11-year-old Thomas Boyer and 8-year-old Tatum Christopher.

The family grew larger in 2014, when the couple took in their nephew and two nieces. They took the kids without any second thought and it was a tuning for everybody as Til came to stay with the household in Nashville.

Luke earlier said in a discussion that it’s a challenge because his foremost thing with Til is just correctly giving the precise guidance speaking to somebody who is becoming an adult. Luke further said that striking the exact equilibrium with Til had been tough. Luke shared that he has to be that parental part where if Til does somewhat, he needs to get in distress, but Luke needs to be a friend to him too.

Luke said that his children now have a big brother to look up and they connect with each other fabulously. Luke also included all three boys in his video for the song “What Makes You Country.”

These days, the Bryan family and his own biological kids live on a massive farmhouse in Nashville. The 10,000 square-foot land, situated in countryside Williamson County, comprises an 1,800 square-foot guesthouse, and a 7,000 square-foot party outhouse. Overall, the two houses have six dorms, a media area, a living room, a kitchen and four restrooms and outside the portico, there is a fishpond. 

Luke called the farmhouse” Red Bird Farm” after his sister and Chris. While constructing the farmhouse, Luke and Caroline sought their home to look like the Blackberry Farm in East Tennessee. 

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