Instacart Shopper Being Hailed As A Hero For Likely Saving Elderly Customer’s Life.

A woman who delivers food, greeted as a hero for saving an elderly customer’s life.

This is about Jessica Higgs, a mother from Georgia. Jessica, a member of staff of a food delivery app, Instacart, shared how she listened to her intuition that came out so true and saved lives while she was on a recent food delivery. Jessica decided to follow her gut feeling and went out of our duty to cover that extra mile.

Jessica received an order from a customer and was supposed to leave the packet on the porch. This order was meant for that customer’s father. When Jessica got there to deliver the packet, she realised that someone inside seems to be in grave need of help. Though she was not supposed to get inside the customer’s home but she did that based on her strong intuition.

As soon Jessica entered the house she noticed a man was there who looked sick and she just could not leave the man alone and rather decided to help him. Jessica messaged the customer’s daughter who has placed the orders, that the man is looking sick and she also mentioned to her that there was a propane tank in the home. Jessica advised that there might be a gas leak as she was feeling dizzy.

Customer’s daughter responded to Jessica’s message that she would have her son come to rescue. Besides this, Jessica’s tip was raised to $100 from just $14 that it was.

Jessica has posted the video on social media and has gathered more than 16.5 million views since being posted on 01st Feb. Jessica was seen crying in the video while reciting what happened thereafter. The customer’s daughter said that it was definitely a gas leak and showed gratitude to her that she went out of her duty to save the lives of her father and younger son.

Since then, Jessica has become a celebrity in herself as hundreds of thousands of people have commented on her video, including model Bella Hadid and Disney star Dove Cameron.

In Cameron’s words, she is grateful towards Jessica as her determinations have moved her. While Hadid has commented that Jessica is just not a member of staff of a food delivery app but she is unknowingly helping many people in different ways on daily basis.

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