Internet Gave Her A Surprise When She Posted About Not Having 69 Cents To Pay Her Light Bill.

33-year-old Thabisa was desperate. The South African woman could not afford her electric bill and she was worried that she and her two young children would suffer a lot if it was cut off.

So she took to Twitter and asked for help. What she needed, she said, amounted only to about 69 cents. She asked if anyone could help her pay that and even gave her meter number so those who offered help could refer to it. She was a proud woman and did not want to ask for assistance from others, but she felt there was no other way.

Says Thabisa: “At that point I was desperate. There was nothing, I wanted to cook some porridge for my baby who was desperately hungry. I had asked my family for help and I felt that they had enough of me asking. I was desperate, I had little data on my phone, and I took to Twitter to ask for help.”

Once she posted the plea for help, responses were quiet for awhile. Then, she started to see the balance on her meter increasing from the negative. When it reached 0, she was so thankful. But then, something else started happening. More donations kept pouring in, and after a while, the meter showed she was WELL above the amount needed, and she had secured a huge credit on her electricity, amounting to about $58.

She actually was able to use some of that credit to apply to school fees for her 10-year-old son. She was so thankful to those who helped her, and she posted her thanks to them on Twitter.

Says Thabisa: “…people kept on sending and sending and sending. I told them that it was enough, but they kept on sending anyway. I’m thankful to everyone who sent me electricity even though they don’t know me.”

It just goes to show that a few cents from a bunch of people can go an awful long way.

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