Internet Sided With The Couple Who Left A Negative Review For The Waitress Behaviour.

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I (22f) am a waitress at a restaurant. I’ve experienced all kinds of customers since I worked as a waitress for the past 3 years. I actually love my job. One of the worst kinds of customers we get is couples who sit on the same side of the table. That’s an inside joke/knowledge between all of us servers. Many servers I’ve talked to have the same thoughts on how it’s weird when couples do that.

Being in the industry 3 years now I’ve now found the solution to that. Whenever I spot a couple I have them seated at tables where it’s impossible for them to sit next to each other. And if we are full and that’s not possible for whatever reason and a table like that isn’t available then we have to endure the couples sitting side by side.

The reason servers are so judgy about this is that we find it very weird. Can’t you just go a few hours without touching each other? Plus sitting on opposite sides is more romantic.

So. I’ve stopped hiding my distaste for couples like this for a long time now but most of the time these people are so absorbed into each other that they don’t realise how we are indeed judging them.

On Thursday I had an evening shift. A couple walks in, I sit them on opposite sides but they then sat on the same booth again. My coworker and I started laughing and the couple noticed us but didn’t say anything. Throughout the whole time my co-workers were joking about it. We even asked them if they’re waiting for other people and they’ve let the other booth empty and they said no, just the two of them.

At one point the girl called on me and asked if I had a problem. I said no problem why would there be a problem. She then started scolding me on how rude my behavior and the rest of the staff’s behavior is and how she and her fiancé know why we are judging them and we have ruined their experience since they couldn’t enjoy their date and their meal without us constantly staring at them. I apologised for this. I just explained how it’s not personally against them and how it’s an inside joke servers have. The guy then said he doesn’t give a damn about this and we are very unprofessional. They paid and left.

Later that night we saw that they gave a negative review and described their experience. Our manager called us in and scolded us. Never in my 3 years have I got in trouble over this. Am I a Jerk ? What are your opinions? Did We over react? 

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