Internet Slams Girl For Not Sharing Grandmother Inheritance With The Sisters.

Not all are tattoo fans. In this story a grandmother despises tattoos so much that she’s prepared to deny her grandchildren who have ink their inheritance money. Given her grandmother’s stipulation, the one tattoo-free granddaughter asked if it would be wrong for her to keep the full inheritance. Read the whole story and what do you think she should do?

Source: Reddit

My grandma is super against tattoos. She says they don’t look good on women (my two brothers have tattoos, though, and that’s fine with her). When she found out my oldest sister – there’s four of us – had a tattoo (we still don’t know who snitched) she took my sister out of her will.

My other sisters and I made plans for the three of us to get tattoos in solidarity with our sister. I said I was going to do it, but then I realized how dumb that was and decided not to do it. They went through with it, though, and they were mad at me when they found out I didn’t do it.

My grandma took them off her will and when she died, my two brothers and I inherited all her money and estates. My brothers and I gave our sisters a little bit of it, but they want us to split it equally. My sisters have been pressuring me especially because I had said I was going to do that tattoo plan with them and then didn’t do it.

AITA for not getting the tattoo with them? Also, I need some advice on if I’m wrong for not splitting the inheritance equally with them (I already gave them some, but they want more)?

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