Intruder breaks into home, threatens family – mom makes him regret it

After hiding herself and her kids in a bedroom and shooting fire on the intruder, a Texas mother finally chased him away.

One has the right to defend oneself against an invader in one’s own house, Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra said, praising the mother for defending her family and home. He assumed she was afraid for her life so she did what she had to do, and they backed her up.

On Tuesday, just after 9 p.m., Hidalgo County Sheriff’s officers responded to a complaint of an active burglary in rural Edinburg. The unnamed homeowner, according to officials, had locked herself and her kids in a bedroom after a suspect known as Carlos Garcia broke into the house through the garage.

Garcia, 36, then attempted to enter the bedroom where the family was staying, according to officials.

Garcia was alerted by the homeowner that the cops had been contacted and that she had a gun. Garcia did not leave and proceeded to attempt to enter the bedroom, so the homeowner fired one shot through the door. Garcia ran away from the residence, the sheriff’s office shared photos of the incident on Facebook.

Officers searched the neighborhood and discovered Garcia approximately 100 yards away from the house with a gunshot wound to his left arm. According to the sheriff’s office, he was medically cleared and lodged into the Hidalgo County Adult Detention Center for Burglary of Habitation with Intent.

One doesn’t have to provide notice, and if somebody is breaking into one’s house, one has the right to defend oneself and use lethal force, and one is not going to have any problems with the sheriff of Hidalgo County, Guerra said.

Garcia’s bond was set at $750,000, based on a sheriff’s office update.

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