Iowa couple married for 73 years dies hours apart – rest in peace

When you’re in love, you can’t stand being apart from your loved one for even a second. Till death do us part or together forever. It’s a statement used in weddings to demonstrate a couple’s devotion to each other till the very end. 

And one Iowa couple just lived true to their promise, dying within hours of each other. 

Wanda Wold had been battling Alzheimer’s illness for years before passing away on July 20. 

“They phoned at 4 a.m. from the nursing home and said she had died,” Candy Engstler remarked. 

Wanda, 96, has been hitched for 73 years to Jim Wold, 94. For both of them, it was love at first sight. 

Jim stated in a video commemorating their 70th wedding anniversary that he believes at least for him it was. He isn’t sure about her. Wanda admitted that he knew it was for her too. 

Engstler and her sister raced to the nursing home where her mom and dad shared a room when they learned about her mother’s death. They wanted to be with their dad, who had recently lost his wife of over seven decades. 

“With two of us on either side of his bed, he folded his hands and murmured, ‘Thank you, Jesus.'” ‘Thank you for taking her; could you kindly take me now as well?’ she said. 

Engstler received another call from the nursing home some hours later. Her dad had died after being physically unwell for some time. “They were lucky and fortunate that he let them both depart on the same day,” she explained. “It was a godsend since my father would not have wanted to be here without her.” 

May Jim and Wanda’s families discover solace in knowing that the pair died within hours of one other and are now at peace. 

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