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‘Is This You Now?’: Demi Moore Blasted For Not Looking Like Herself And Wearing A ‘Wig’ At 60 Amid Bond With Bruce’s Wife.

Demi Moore has been in the spotlight for many years, and people have often remarked on her almost youthful beauty. Yet, she has received criticism for her looks due to her hair.

The actress and her ex-husband, Bruce Willis, remain close, and she has been helping his new wife, Emma, with his care despite the vitriol she has received from people all around the globe.

Moore posted an Instagram video of herself dancing to Mariah Carey’s “It’s A Wrap” while flipping her long hair over her shoulder. She matched her black shoes with a black embroidered dress.

Although many friends and admirers told Moore how beautiful she looked and how they couldn’t believe she was 60, many of her followers had nothing kind to say about her.

Several fans felt Moore’s youthful appearance at 60 was due to considerable cosmetic surgery. Some said that she seemed prepubescent and that she needed to grow further.

Several fans said Moore spent a lot of money to seem younger than her true age, while others assumed her hair was a fake.

Moore released additional images of herself in the same attire before uploading the video. She was on her way to an Oscars pre-party after agreeing to a night out. Once again, the feedback was negative.

Moore’s appearance in the images was questioned by one admirer, who wondered why she had chosen to employ filters on her shots. Several admirers stated they didn’t know who the person in the images was, but they didn’t look like Moore.

Another admirer said that it is preferable to age as yourself rather than remain youthful as someone else, and that Moore did not look like herself in any of the photographs she shared. There were also a few compliments on how she kept looking so nice.

Moore has been called out for probable cosmetic surgery before, as seen by the comments on these images. She answered facelift speculations in February 2021, saying that she had something done, but it wasn’t to her face. A lot of the time, it seems like schoolyard taunting. It stings.

This happened after she was suspected of having cosmetic surgery while walking in a fashion show the previous year. Her face looked different than normal, and admirers assumed she’d undergone a facelift or had fillers.

Moore’s first time on the catwalk was important for her, and she claimed she felt privileged to be picked to walk in the event, but it was tarnished by harsh remarks about her looks.

She expressed gratitude to the event for allowing her to make a difference in the lives of women by going on the runway without makeup and raising awareness for a worthy cause.

She was, though, heavily scrutinized after the presentation. When questioned whether she had had anything done, she responded, ‘What does one think? Maybe she’ll go under the knife one day. It upsets her that people are always telling her how much money she has spent on cosmetic surgery.”

Moore is now preoccupied with her family and spending time with her unwell ex-husband and his wife. Moore and Emma have formed a wonderful friendship and often attend special events together.

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