It Backfired When Chef Offers This Old Couple A Little Extra Portion Of The Meal.

Source: Reddit

I used to work at a place that sold burgers and ice cream (I quit because the manager had a favoritism problem, but thats a different story). I was a cook, and our restaurant was unique in the fact that the kitchen was openly visible to the customers, as we had a big counter that we called out peoples orders and delivered food at. This was a MAGNET for entitled people. (Lets just say, no one came back to the counter to COMPLIMENT the food). People would complain about the food to my face often.

One day, after a couple months of starting work, an older couple came in and ordered a single order of small cheese curds. Technically, we were supposed to level off a small measuring cup of curds before cooking them, but I found the small cup for the curds WAY too small, so I usually just eyeballed it. I saw this couple had only ordered a small to split between the two of them, so I, being a nice, benevolent minimum wage burger flipper, gave them some extra. I called the couples number, and they came to the counter. The lady, (who will be called Karen) looked at the basket of curds like it was something vile and said

“Is THIS the SMALL size??”

I explained to her that it wasn’t quite a large, but I did top her off with a little extra. Karen looked at me like I had spit in the food and said “Actually we would like this to-go now”. Like she didn’t want to be in the restaurant anymore? I put the food in a to go bag and as the couple was leaving, she sneered at me, her voice oozing sarcasm “Have a GREAT night!”

I told my coworker what happened and that I was confused, and he told me that sometimes people get offended when given more food than they ordered, like they were being pitied or something. I shrugged it off and continued work as usual.

Enter the petty revenge: A few months later I was working a late shift when I saw a single order of cheese curds pop up on the screen. I looked into the dining area and, sure enough, it was the same couple. So, I did what any good employee would do: I filled the order. I took the measuring cup and scooped the curds in, and then proceeded to level it off PERFECTLY. I took extra care in making sure that it was EXACTLY a “small” cheese curds. Once cooked, there were only like 7 cheese curds to split between 2 people. I called out the order number and gave them the tray with my best smile. “Enjoy!” The couple looked at the pitiful amount of curds in the basket. Karen gave a sheepish “…thanks” and they took the tray to a table. I watched for the next few minutes as the couple finished the tray very quickly, and just sort of sat there for a while after. I giggled to myself the whole time.

I know its not that glamorous or interesting, but I think it was pretty petty, and it felt good to stand up for myself a bit. After all, the customer is always right!

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