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It is not his daughter’s responsibility to cover up so that one’s son does not abuse her, said the father.

Matt Austin is the delighted father of two teenage daughters, and when he shared a photo of them dressed for their formal on Facebook, he expected nothing but positive feedback.

My daughters look a little too good on homecoming night. Believe it or not, they’re even more beautiful on the inside.

Posted by Matt Austin on Saturday, 8 October 2022

Rather than comments regarding his children, Matt received hostility and abuse from the so-called fashion police, who said his girls’ clothes were unsuitable.

The American father, who is also a news presenter, was enraged. He awesomely took down his daughters’ detractors in a TikTok video.

Being a parent of daughters has always irritated him when individuals say things like, ‘These girls ought to dress so they don’t disturb the males.’ Worse, they’re dressed in a way that suggests “they’re asking for it,” the enraged father claimed.

Let’s be clear about something. It is not his daughter’s responsibility to ensure that one kid is paying attention in class.

It is also not her responsibility to appear terrible enough so that ones kid does not abuse her. It is one’s responsibility not to nurture a pervert with no self-control.

The original post received several critical responses.

“I wouldn’t allow them to go anywhere in that outfit,” one individual stated.

“They should respect themselves,” another remarked.

“It’s really awful that parents believe it’s OK to send their daughters out with everything visible,” a third individual said.

While Matt stated that individuals had no right to make remarks about his kids, he did admit that the costumes were not his favorites.

Let me be clear: they aren’t clothing he’d select for his girls to leave the home in, he remarked.

If it were up to him, he’d have 24/7 snuggies.

However if he start dictating what his girls wear, he’ll teach them three things: they’ll resent him for making absurd rules; they’ll resort to lying to him; and they’ll believe it’s OK for a man to tell them what to wear since they look ‘too wonderful,’ and that ain’t happening.

@flnewsman A dad responds to Karens taking aim at teen daughters’ Homecoming dresses. #fashiontiktok #parentsoftiktok#fypシ #hoco ♬ original sound – mattja83

Individuals are complimenting Matt for his candid video in the comments section.

“Daughter’s mother. “MANY THANKS!” wrote one woman.

“I hope everyone will think the same way,” commented another.

“Many thanks!” You are a great father producing amazing strong daughters. “It’s tough out there for us gals,” a third added.

Matt released a follow-up video in which he thanked all of the kind commentators.

When he glanced through the comments, he saw thousands of people complimenting his girls on their beauty. Thousands more stated he is a decent father. And they don’t know each other, but that’s about the finest praise a guy can get, he explained. And so he would want to thank everyone for accomplishing something he never imagined the internet could do: making him feel better.

@flnewsman Thank you! I truly appreciate all of your kind words. #fashiontiktok #parents ♬ original sound – mattja83

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