‘I’ve pinched my pregnant mate’s baby name for my DOG – I like it too’

Many women choose names for their future children years before they get pregnant. Things became unpleasant when this woman learned what her buddy intended to title her kid. Read the story to know what happened next and let us know how you would deal with such a situation.

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So I (19f) have a friend “Jessie” (20f) who is 7 months pregnant with her first baby. It’s a boy. Two weeks ago I got a puppy (Milo, male, 5months). I have always loved the name Milo and my friend knows this. Me and her have talked about what we would name our kids and I always said Milo. But I dont have kids so I named my dog Milo. She’s never shown interest  in the name and said she didn’t really like it.

A few days ago she came over to meet him but I hadn’t told her the name. I told her that “instead of waiting for a baby I am using Milo as the name for my adorable fur baby” I had already gotten tags and a collar for him. She was really quiet and I asked what was wrong. She said “ I’m naming my son Milo. You can’t name your dog that. I don’t want my baby named after a dog.” I told her that “you knew I loved the name. You’ve never liked it anyway”. She said that “her baby’s name was more important than a dumb animal’s name”. She told me that her and her bf had already bought shirts with the name on it and they had already told their families about it. I told her that she knows why I love the name. She proceeded to tell me that I needed to change it and that the dog wouldn’t care what its name was. The thing is I have a connection with this name. I wasn’t sure if I was going to name my dog Milo but when I met him I knew that was his name.

My older brother’s name was Milo and he was my best friend. He died when I was 10 and when he was 21. Me and he always said that we would name our babies after each other. When I met my dog his eyes were almost the same color as my brothers. I miss him so much and I figured I could still use the name for my future baby’s middle name.

I was a bit sad considering she knew my brother and knew why I loved the name. I told her that I would prefer it if she didn’t use the name but it’s her baby she can do whatever. (I hate causing drama). At this point she’s yelling at me to change it and that she didn’t care if it was my brother’s name. She wanted it and I wasn’t backing down. She ended up calling her bf to come get her and left.

Last night I got a call from her mom that she was really upset about not being able to use the name. Her mom said that it’s just a dog. I don’t have to be so attached. I told her mom “ this is my dog, named after my brother. She can do what she wants. I don’t care” A few others in her family are saying that I’m a Jerk for stealing the name and that she loved it and had been talking about it for months. What should I do? Can I even do anything? 

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