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James Earl Jones Turns 92 — He Feels ‘Grateful’ And Has An Only Son Who Got His Amazing Talent.

James Earl Jones’ career covers several genres and decades. He has had a hugely successful Hollywood profession and continues to win people over with his easy grin.

Jones has just turned 92 years old. The actor is no stranger to such gatherings, as he recently marked his 90th birthday with a jubilee. For every significant event, he is accompanied by his family, which includes his kid.

Jones will celebrate his 92nd birthday on January 17, 2023. Despite his advanced age, the actor has not slowed down and has no plans to retire anytime soon. He believed he was getting wiser with each passing year as he approached 90.

He also discussed what he wished for when he reached 90, adding that he wished individuals would be able to love and respect one another more in the following years. When asked about his future plans, he stated that he feels youthful at heart, and he likes working and will continue to act for as long as he can.

His acting career has obviously slowed in recent years, however the actor stated unequivocally that if a part came up that he was interested in and thrilled about, he would not turn it down due to his age.

Jones has been married to Cecilia Hart for 34 years. They met on the set of the TV show “Paris.” Jones and Hart married in 1982, after filming the series between 1979 and 1980.

Hart was best known for her appearances in the Broadway versions of “The Heiress” in 1979 and “The Heiress” in 1984. She also appeared in Tom Stoppard’s “Dirty Linen and New-Found-Land” in 1977.

In 1982, the two co-starred in a “Othello” revival. In the same year, they welcomed their son, Flynn Earl Jones. They were blissfully married until Hart’s death in 2016.

Jones discussed their connection and how his wife made him feel two years before her death. He stated that she took excellent care of him throughout the years and that she nourished him properly.

Although the couple appeared to be content at the moment, disaster struck them two years later. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2015 and battled for her life until 2016, when she died at the age of 68.

Jones received a Tony Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017. While it was the evening’s greatest accolade, Jones took the opportunity to acknowledge his wife, who was unable to longer be present for these memorable occasions. He stated that he wanted to express his gratitude to his wife Ceci for being such an amazing partner in his life and at work. And for being such a wonderful co-producer of their son Flynn, as well as being so stunning on the red carpet.

Flynn, the couple’s son, has followed in his dad’s footsteps into Hollywood. While he does not resemble his dad in appearance, he does have a distinct speaking voice that he has exploited for audiobook work. In 2019, he recorded his first audiobook for the novel “Heartthrob.”

He has contributed his voice to a number of other projects, including “Revenge,” “New World,” and “Lions in the Sky.” While he has a lucrative voice-over profession, he is primarily out of the limelight and very discreet, with no known social media profiles.

While he is not on social media and enjoys a calmer life than his parents were accustomed to, Flynn has never shied away from helping his parents in their undertakings when they required him.

He appeared on the red carpet with his dad and mom a few times and encouraged them both throughout their professions. From an early age, he grinned on red carpets and celebrated each of their important job successes with them.

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