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Jane Fonda Blames ‘Fossil Fuels’ For Cancer Diagnosis, Gets Torched On Social Media

Jane Fonda, who recently turn out to be identified as a climate change activist, exposed that she was detected with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which she termed curable. Though, the she sparked debate with her political comments concerning the finding. Fonda even went ahead to blame the ailment on fossil fuels.

Fonda said that there had been a lot more dialogue about cancer treatments and not sufficient discussion about sources. She said that individuals need to recognize that fossil fuels source cancer. She further said that even pesticides cause cancer as many of which are fossil fuel-based like hers. She said that she will not let any of this affect with her climate crusading.

However, it was not clear what she intended when mentioning to some pesticides as ‘hers’. Few studies have related some pesticides to cancer, predominantly for those exposed to the chemicals through professions like agricultural. While evidence has not decisively revealed that they are a chief source of the disease.

Her comments about fossil fuels instigated quite a bit of a reaction among the netizens. A Twitter user said that the life Fonda has lived and the treatment she pursues are courtesy of invention driven by fossil fuels.

Another user commented that almost all of the gear used to protect her life will be constructed from plastics which are consequent from fossil fuels.

Several others resonated alike opinions and said that she should not use that as a political means that fossil fuels are the source of the cancer.

The criticism didn’t finish there. Another twitter wrote that Fonda has Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer of the white blood cells but she is using her finding to lure attention to her political crusading on fossil fuels.

The severe condemnations aren’t a foremost for Fonda. Several remain disappointed at her over the engagement in the Vietnam War, precisely when she goes to see the North Vietnamese and took pictures with them.

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