Jane Seymour Recounts Her Beautiful Last Visit With Her Dear Friend Olivia Newton-John

Jane Seymour has spoken out on the death of one of her closest friends, renowned singer and actress Olivia Newton-John.

Olivia died quietly at home on Monday, following a long fight with illness. This week, the world has been grieving the icon’s loss, but maybe no one more so than one of her closest friends, Jane Seymour.

Jane expressed about their decades-long relationship and what happened during their final meeting.

Jane said that her bond with Olivia was unlike any other. They had a lot of highs and lows with professions, spouses, kids, and life. They had a very particular relationship, which was somewhat unusual for her.

She doesn’t believe she ever had a buddy who truly understood or cared about what that life was like. And she mourned her terribly, she added of the tragic death.

The Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman actress also revealed that she recently visited her pal when she paid a visit to her house. Olivia, who wasn’t feeling well, had mixed up the days but greeted Jane and her sisters with wide arms despite the fact that they had driven for many hours to visit her. And she got out of bed, dressed, walked out, she really shouldn’t have gotten out of bed at all and she just sat down with them for a bit and asked them: How are they? How were their days? How could she possibly assist them?

Olivia was overwhelmed with appreciation for her life, she said, even as her health deteriorated. She just glanced about and asked, ‘Isn’t this place beautiful?’ Jane related her experience. Jane simply sits here and stares at the world. She means, how lovely? Jane gazes at the sky, listens to the hummingbirds, and considers that puppy. Consider their current situation. And after all these years, they’re still together.

Olivia had been terribly ill for a long time, yet she never succumbed to greed or sorrow, according to Jane. What makes Jane cry is that Olivia was always concerned about other folks, she added. She was constantly concerned about Jane, her family, and anyone she knew or heard of who were suffering from cancer. She was really a bright light and a fantastic, incredible woman.

The actress is thankful to have enjoyed such a lengthy association with the Grease actor, who she credits with teaching her that “life is a journey.”

She really showed such courage and strength, Jane added. As much as she was in pain, she never said it. Olivia would simply smile and reply, she is doing well and doing great.

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