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Jay Leno suffers broken bones in second serious accident.

A well-known former talk-show host was knocked off his bike on January 17. He suffered a shattered collarbone, two broken ribs, and two damaged kneecaps as a result of the collision.

The 72-year-old, who has a stand-up comedy residency in Las Vegas, claimed he was riding his 1940 Indian motorbike when he noticed it was leaking gasoline.

So he took a side route and went through a parking lot, and unknown to him, some man had stretched a wire over the parking lot, but there was no flag hanging from it, Leno said. He didn’t see it until it was too late. It just clotheslined him and threw him off his bike.

He did, however, seek to reassure followers, saying that he was OK and that this weekend he’d be working.

The comedian said that he first kept the specifics of the event to himself due to an accident in November that left him with severe burns on his face.

Leno, famed for his personal collection of historic vehicles, was at his Los Angeles garage, where he keeps the majority of them, when one of them caught fire or exploded.

The gasoline line got jammed, so he was below it, he said of the event. It sounded congested, so he told him to ‘blow some air through the line,’ which he did.

And then, bam, he got a faceful of gas. The pilot light then leapt, and his face caught fire.

Despite being taken off guard and gravely hurt, the flames did not pierce his eye or ear.

Let us all wish Jay Leno a fast recovery! I hope he can pick himself up, brush himself off, and go on living his life the way he wishes.

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