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Jay Leno sustains serious third-degree burns to his face after his car catches fire in his garage.

Jay Leno, the comedian and former talk show host, was allegedly brought to the hospital this weekend after sustaining third-degree burns.

According to sources, Jay, 72, an ardent historic automobile collector, was working on one of his vehicles when he was splashed in the face with gasoline, which quickly caught fire.

The first hint that something was wrong was Jay’s family canceling a private presentation on his behalf over the weekend.

Organizers of a finance conference in Las Vegas informed guests via email that Jay would not be able to appear at a scheduled comedy show on Sunday night due to a severe medical issue.

His family was unable to give them much information, but Jay is unable to travel due to a very significant medical situation, the email added. All they know is that he is alive, so their thoughts and prayers are with him and his family tonight.

Jay eventually opened out, saying that the situation happened when he was working in his garage on Saturday. His garage in Burbank is shown on his show Jay Leno’s Garage, where he shows his more than 180 automobiles.

According to his remarks from the episode, Jay informed that he was working on his 1907 Steam Car, a vehicle that purportedly operates on an open flame.

He informed the publication that while repairing a clogged pipe, he was doused with gasoline and caught fire.

He was also informed that he was in the hospital with burns on his face and hands, but not his eyes or hearing. According to the source, Jay may require skin grafts.

Jay commended his friend Dave for acting quickly after the disaster.

Jay Leno Suffers Serious Burns in Car Fire

Comedian Jay Leno suffered a serious burn injury in his California garage when one of his classic cars suddenly erupted in flames. It happened at a garage in Burbank where he stores 180 cars for his show, "Jay Leno's Garage."

Posted by Inside Edition on Tuesday, 15 November 2022

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