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Jeff Bridges fell in love with young waitress and took her property surfing on their 1st date.

There’s a reason Jeff Bridges is one of Hollywood’s most well-liked and respected actors.

He has not only managed to stay relevant in an ever-changing, cutthroat market, but he’s also managed to maintain his values.

If you’re a Bridges fan, you’ll be aware of his recent fight with cancer, which he luckily overcame, but there’s a lot more to his tale that you may not have heard about.

Bridges’ love story reads like something out of a Hollywood film… It all started with an unusual series of circumstances that occurred when he was filming a movie in Paradise Valley, Montana, a long, long time ago…

According to stories, Jeff met his long-term wife, Susan Geston, while working as a waiter. He could tell there was something unusual about her right away.

When he first saw Susan, he was shooting “Rancho Deluxe” (1975). The film company was filming a scene at Chico Hot Springs, where Geston was working as a waiter.

Bridges recounted in his subsequent book, “The Dude and the Zen Master,” that he couldn’t stop looking. Instead, he tried to sneak looks here and there until one day, after work had finished, he gathered up the nerve to ask Geston out on a date.

Geston, on the other hand, refused his offer. Even when Bridges returned a second time, she said no.

Despite the fact that Bridges did not get the desired response, Geston did comment that it’s a tiny town; maybe they’ll run into each other.

The two were fated to cross paths again. They met at a dance club one day, away from work, and Jeff confessed that it was the moment he realized he was in love.

He invited Geston out on a date again, and this time she agreed. The only difficulty was that the agreed-upon date coincided with Jeff’s meeting with an estate agent.

He brought Geston along, and the two were suddenly property surfing while not being coupled.

Jeff recounted one place they saw—a ranch along a river—when a tiny voice inside his brain said, “You are now looking at a home with your future wife.”

Jeff and Susan married two years later. They’ve been married for almost 45 years and have three grown children.

As humans, they are pretty different, and they appreciate that instead of letting it drive them apart, Jeff said.

Susan’s devotion and bravery were immeasurable throughout Jeff’s recent cancer struggle.

Jeff was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2020. He had chemotherapy and, happily, responded well to it. The actor declared himself well and in remission in 2021.

I don’t know about you, but I like Jeff Bridges and find his love story to be uplifting to read.

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