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Jeff Bridges Turns 73 — He Wouldn’t Have Made It Without Wife Of 45 Yrs Who Demanded Doctors Save Him.

Jeff Bridges celebrated his 73rd birthday with his beloved wife of 45 years, Susan Geston, on December 4, 2022. Aside from his stellar Hollywood profession, the actor was also a devoted husband and father.

The “King Kong” star was also one of the rare celebrities who had one of Hollywood’s longest marriages. Jeff and Geston have been married since 1977 and are still together.

The “Masked and Anonymous” actor met his wife in Chico Hot Springs, Montana, near Livingston, while filming “Rancho Montana” in 1975. During one of the scenarios, his gaze was drawn to a lovely lady with two black eyes and a damaged nose.

He wasn’t sure if she was a waitress or a maid, but he was certain that despite her wounds — the result of an accident, he would later learn — she was stunning. It was love at first sight for Jeff, but not for Geston.

After work, the “The Fisher King” actor summoned the confidence to ask her out on a date, which she turned down twice. ”No” she said, “it’s a small town; maybe we’ll run into each other later.”

Later arrived sooner than the “Tron: Legacy” actor had imagined, and only a few days later, at the wrap party, the two danced the night away and fell in love.

They married on June 5, 1977, and have been blessed with three daughters: Hayley Roselouise, Isabelle Bridges Boesch, and Jessica Lily.

Choosing the appropriate partner with whom to spend the remainder of his life has benefited Jeff over the years. When he had two health scares, the “Iron Man” actor’s wife was his rock.

Jeff and Geston’s marriage had no reservations, particularly when it came to embracing each other through life’s difficulties. One such obstacle happened in 2020, when the actor was diagnosed with cancer.

On October 20, 2020, the celebrity disclosed on Twitter that he had been diagnosed with Lymphoma, a kind of blood cancer.

He then informed his followers that he would begin therapy and would keep them updated on the progress. Jeff praised his family for their help and affection in a similar Instagram message, stating he was genuinely thankful.

Geston spoke openly about the diagnosis, admitting that they felt numb afterward but suddenly started doing what needed to be done. Soon after, the actor began chemotherapy, and they declared that the tumor had started to shrink.

Jeff would frequently keep his admirers and followers up to speed on his progress, marking when he shaved his head, purchased a dog, and celebrated his 71st birthday. What stayed consistent throughout was his wife’s devotion, but he was suddenly faced with a life-or-death situation.

All was well, and Jeff’s health had greatly improved, until a doctor’s report altered everything. A month after beginning chemotherapy, the actor received notification from his health provider that he may have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus at the treatment center in January 2021.

He tested positive, and the virus attacked him hard since of his chemotherapy-weakened immune system. The actor revealed that he has no defenses and no immune system left to combat the infection.

It was a struggle for his life, and Geston was devastated, wondering whether or not her spouse would survive. The reports coming in from the hospital seemed to warn the president of bad news ahead.

Geston realized she had to do all she could to assist her husband after receiving word from the hospital that he would be placed on a ventilator. She began pressuring the physicians to do their best.

Jeff’s hospital stay was difficult, and he was unable to make decisions regarding his healthcare, so his wife and doctors had to step in and make the decisions for him. She said save his life no matter what happens.

The medical team was ultimately able to keep the actor off the ventilator, and their struggle for his life paid off. The “Fearless” actor recalled being on the verge of death as his teammates pleaded with him to keep fighting.

But, he had lost his battling spirit. Geston’s husband had surrendered and was ready to depart, and recalling the horrible episode, he felt compelled to do so.

When he was on the point of death, his wife struggled to keep him alive, and he was thankful. They had faced not one, but two life-threatening diseases together, and Geston was there again when he set his sights on another objective.

In November 2022, Jeff said that having cancer and COVID-19 “exacerbated” his sentiments of love for his family, which included his wife, whom he nicknamed “Sue,” their three kids, and numerous grandkids.

The “The Vanishing” actor was insistent that he could lead his youngest daughter, Hayley, down the aisle for her wedding. He did, though, have to first discover how long he could stand up for, with an initial record of 45 seconds.

His second aim was to see how many steps he could take and walk down the corridor while wearing his oxygen mask. Jeff started working with a trainer, and his walks became longer and longer each day until he began to believe he could do it one day.

The “Tron” actor not only led Hayley down the aisle, but he also danced with her! The couple slowly danced to Ray Charles’ “Ain’t That Love,” with the actor reminiscing about how great it was.

His accomplishments were noteworthy for a person who couldn’t walk without assistance! However, concentrating on his daughter’s summer wedding enabled him to heal.

Geston admitted that her hope had been to see her husband get out of bed, move, and go about his daily activities. She thought that the VNA Health care staff encouraged him to achieve his objectives.

The actress’s wife expressed delight at watching Jeff take Hayley down the aisle and dance with her. Isabelle, the actor’s daughter, uploaded two photographs of him teaching his granddaughter to dance not long after he danced with his daughter at her wedding!

Jeff’s other daughter mentioned in an Instagram post that learning to dance was a Bridges family tradition. Geston’s spouse never took anything for granted and recognized how fortunate he was to be alive.

Having a big family to look after encouraged him to keep fit, and he did everything he could to enjoy life. Here’s to many more years of happiness for the happy couple and a happy birthday to Jeff!

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