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Jennifer Aniston, a grieving daughter, called her father frequently and learned to forgive him despite the fact that he abandoned her as a baby.

John Aniston, the actor from “Days of Our Lives,” died on November 11, 2022. John is also the dad of actress Jennifer Aniston, who confirmed her dad’s death on Instagram.

The actress acknowledged her thanks for meeting the “most gorgeous human ever.” Jennifer stated that her dad died quietly and painlessly, and that 11/11 will be a date she never forgets. “I’ll love you till the end of time,” she said at the end of her message.

Jennifer’s connection with her dad hasn’t always been pleasant. In November 1979, when Jennifer was eleven years old, John allegedly left her and her mom, Nancy Dow.

The “Friends” star has been open about how terrible that time was. She recalled her mother informing her that her dad would be gone for a time.

Jennifer wasn’t sure how long a while was, but she stated her dad had been gone for approximately a year. According to the actress, her dad contacted her at random and asked her out. Jennifer claimed she began seeing John more after the father and daughter went to a diner and attended a performance.

The regular visits, though, did not instantly repair the relationship; Jennifer stated that her dad was not a strong communicator, yet she comprehended his manner of expressing and apologizing, which was sufficient for her to forgive him.

The “Just Go With It” singer admitted that burying her anger for her dad was no longer benefitting her, and as an adult, she realized the need to quit blaming her parents for all.

Their relationship had its ups and downs, however the father and daughter became closer throughout the coronavirus outbreak. According to a source, Jennifer desired to keep close contact with her dad while he was still living.

Jennifer contacted John every day, and their lengthy exchanges demonstrated that they were serious about repairing their relationship.

Jennifer, according to John, was the best daughter throughout this difficult period. Even though they couldn’t see one other, she attempted to keep an eye on him as much as she could.

Jennifer’s mom was a model and actress known for her work in the 1960s television programs “The Beverly Hillbillies” and “Wild Wild West.”

Dow initially married musician Jack Melick for five years, and the couple produced one son, John Jr., before divorcing in 1961. She had a daughter, Jennifer Aniston, with her second husband, John Aniston, whom she married in 1965.

Jennifer’s connection with her mom was strained when the pair split in 1981. The actress said that her mom was judgmental of her and too worried about how she appeared in public.

As a result, Jennifer did not feel like the “model kid” her mother desired. The actress assumed her mom was preoccupied with little matters when all she needed was her affection.

The mother-daughter feud went public when Dow wrote a tell-all book shortly after Jennifer joined “Friends.” Jennifer did not talk to her mom for 15 years as a result of this. Dow was also not invited to the actress’s wedding to Brad Pitt in 2000.

Dow, on the other hand, had reunited with Jennifer by the time she died in 2016. Dow died at the age of 79, surrounded by friends and family, after suffering a series of strokes.

Jennifer spoke openly about the sadness she felt after her parents split. The actress stated that she recognized how devastating her mother’s split from her dad was.

She remembers her mother crying and picking up the phone. Jennifer, on the other hand, was aware of the limited services and talks concerning mental illness at the time.

Her mother was unable to obtain counseling or the necessary drugs to assist her in dealing with the difficulties of her condition. As a result, Jennifer stated that she forgiven her parents since it was critical to her recovery process.

Jennifer spent the last several years with her dad, and losing a parent is tough, so we wish the actress strength as she mourns John’s loss.

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