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Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Making Out in Milan But They’ve Got Company

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are on their honeymoon and kissing like teenagers in Milan, but their bodyguard is all over them, creating an embarrassing scenario.

The pair was out and about in Italy’s fashion city on Thursday, visiting some of the typical hot locations, when something in the Cartier storefront had them all revved up… romantically speaking.

The window browsing turned into a make-out session right on the street, which is common for newlyweds, but Jen and Ben are everything but conventional. One of their bodyguards stood around 2 feet away, watching for admirers and urgently trying not to peek at his employers’ locked lips.

Certainly a difficult task.

As previously reported, the Afflecks married for the second time last weekend at Ben’s Georgia mansion.

Ben and Jen originally eloped in Las Vegas last month, prompting the extravagant ceremony. They then jetted out to Paris for their honeymoon, which included time with their children.

Their marriage became formal after their ceremony in Sin City, making Paris the “legitimate” honeymoon in our opinion.

But we can’t fault them for spending time in Milan and Lake Como, where they took in breathtaking vistas. If you can acquire it, good work!!!

Source: TMZ

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