Jennifer Lopez Says Taking off Her Clothes in Jason Statham’s ‘Parker’ Was ‘Awful’

Jennifer Lopez is well-known for her work as a singer, dancer, actor, and American Idol judge. The “Jenny from the Block” singer seemed to be capable of anything. The actress, who starred alongside Jason Statham in the film Parker, once admitted she struggled with a naked scene. Here are Lopez’s comments on that enlightening incident.

Lopez talked about her experience working on the 2013 film Parker alongside Jason Statham in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel. Lopez explains to Kimmel that while she didn’t have to remove all of her clothes, she did so enough to cause discomfort.

Lopez claims that her heart was thumping out of her chest. It was terrible. She claims that the numerous cameras and onlookers that were observing her scene made her feel uneasy. She said that one could hear a pin drop. And everyone anticipates the scene. It was quite stressful.

Statham claims in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that the naked scene didn’t bother him at all. He was extremely comfortable, Statham said in jest.

Young Hollywood quotes Statham as saying that he liked working with Lopez. They enjoyed a wonderful few weeks together, according to Statham. Lopez portrayed Leslie Rodgers, a down-on-her-luck real estate agent, and he played Parker, the movie’s eponymous character.

Statham claims he made an effort to avoid harboring any preconceived notions about Lopez. He wanted to get to know her first before forming an opinion.

Because she is so well-known, Statham said, he tries not to walk in with assumptions about what somebody is going to be like. The plan is to just meet people for who they are and take it from there. He believes it’s always the most sincere approach.

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