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Jenny McCarthy’s Son With Autism Led Her Down The Aisle To Donnie Wahlberg Who Took Care Of Him Unlike His Dad.

Jenny McCarthy was previously married to director John Asher before marrying Donnie Wahlberg. In 1999, the two met on the set of the film “Diamonds,” and they began a whirlwind affair that culminated in their marriage the following year.

Evan, their son, was born not long after the wedding. The doting mom found her kid had autism in 2005; nonetheless, the diagnosis did not lessen her powerful motherly love for her kid.

McCarthy told Oprah Winfrey that it all began with “hand flapping,” and then one day Evan had a seizure that doctors thought was due to a fever. Evan began strolling around with a stoned expression on his face and frothing from the mouth three weeks later, while they were visiting McCarthy’s parents.

McCarthy recognized right away that her kid was experiencing another seizure. But he wasn’t convulsing, so it was different. She dialed 911, and when the paramedics came, the worried mom informed them that her son’s heart had stopped.

The paramedics determined that Evans’ heart was no longer beating after thoroughly inspecting him. They responded by doing CPR. At the hospital, doctors dismissed it as epilepsy, yet McCarthy’s instincts were not convinced.

After some time, it was apparent that Evan was autistic, and McCarthy’s instincts did not challenge it. Her life altered dramatically after that.

McCarthy’s connection with filmmaker John Asher was one of the things that was impacted by the diagnosis. McCarthy gave Evan her complete attention in the early days after discovering his autism, which irritated Asher.

He would become enraged since he felt ignored by his wife, who was too preoccupied with her son to notice his needs. McCarthy persisted in working hard and taking her kid to visit professionals about various programs at UCLA.

The couple finally divorced, leaving McCarthy to care for their kid, whose medical and care expenditures she covered on her own. McCarthy’s six-year marriage to Asher ended in divorce. The reason given in the divorce papers she served in 2005 was major disagreements.

Donnie Wahlberg fell in love with McCarthy the first time he saw her in 2012, but nothing occurred between them until a year later, when he met her on her self-titled program. He invited her out, and they kept seeing one other and grew closer.

Wahlberg proposed to McCarthy in 2014, with the aid of her son. In an interview, the adoring mother described the proposal, including Evan’s involvement.

Evan rushed away after giving the card and returned with another card with the word “You” scribbled on it. McCarthy exclaimed “yeah!” as Evan came with another card with the misspelled “Mary” on it. Evan responded by declaring that he now had another dad, and the three had a sweet family moment.

After acknowledging that he took the news of his son’s diagnosis poorly when he was younger, his biological dad has realized that he has a role to play in his son’s life now that he is older.

McCarthy and Wahlberg married the next year, and Evan was the man who led his mom down the aisle, stating it was the most essential duty at the wedding.

Wahlberg has never lamented marrying McCarthy and constantly appreciates her. He once called her the “best wife” and “best stepmom and mom” to their children. McCarthy is the stepmother to his two sons, Xavier and Elijah, whom he shares with his ex-wife, Kimberly Fey.

Wahlberg and McCarthy have developed a strong relationship with one other’s children, which has served them well. In an earlier interview, Wahlberg said that they have been able to connect with each other’s children in ways that they have not been able to accomplish with their own.

He stated that his kid was more cerebral than reticent, but Evan is constantly expressive about his emotions. As a result, McCarthy can easily have a more mature conversation with his son, while McCarthy interacts with Evan in a new way.

Wahlberg has always had a close bond with Evan and treats him as if he were his own kid. When Evan turned 20, Wahlberg wished him a happy birthday on social media, calling him an amazing stepson. McCarthy also expressed gratitude for Wahlberg’s unfailing devotion for her and her children.

Evan is now older, and his autism hasn’t limited his life too much, owing to his mother, who never gave up on him, and his stepfather, who always regarded him properly.

His biological dad has determined that now that he is older, he has a role to play in his son’s life after acknowledging that he dealt with the news of the diagnosis poorly and should have done better as a dad. He may get closer to Evan through time, but one thing he can never alter is what occurred to his mom.

McCarthy admires Wahlberg, who lavishes her with gifts and compassion. He offered her what she considered the nicest Christmas gift ever in 2019: he stated he would pay Evan’s tuition costs.

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