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Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter make rare appearance before their 98th and 95th birthdays

Former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, made a rare weekend visit in Plains, Georgia.

According to reports, the pair spoke with attendees for more than an hour at the installation of a massive butterfly statue to commemorate First Lady Rosalynn Carter’s 95th birthday this week.

The Friends of the Carter’s organization dedicated the monument, which has eight limbs and 18 butterflies that hover over the flora. It is part of the Rosalynn Carter Children’s Garden and is situated in the field close to the home where Rosalynn grew up.

Obviously, the former First Lady isn’t the only one in her family who will soon be celebrating another birthday.

Former President Jimmy Carter, who will be 98 in October, will also celebrate a birthday.

He reads his Bible every day, attends family meetings, and weighs in on Carter Center decisions in Atlanta, said Tim Buchanan of the Friends of the Carters group.

Carter, the 39th President of the United States from 1977 to 1981, has lived in Plains, Georgia, his hometown, since leaving the White House.

He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002 for his attempts to find peaceful solutions to world disputes.

The Carters recently made headlines when they celebrated their 76th(!) wedding anniversary. The duo is presently the longest-married presidential couple in history.

According to stories, Jimmy initially met Rosalynn while on leave from the Naval Academy.

He thought they were a good fit and asked her out on a date.

She seemed lovely and innocent, and there was a connection, he explained.

Despite Rosalynn’s reservations at first – she continued to date while in college — the two married one month after she graduated.

She allegedly vowed to her dad on his deathbed that she would not marry before finishing high school, and she made good on her word.

On July 7, 1946, the pair married. Rosalynn was 18 years old, whereas Jimmy was 21.

Clearly, 75 years of marriage is no easy task, not only due to the demands of daily life, but also as few individuals survive long enough to commemorate such a milestone.

The Carters, on the other hand, have been at each other’s sides through it all.

Rosalynn stayed with Jimmy throughout his administration, eventually becoming his closest adviser. Rosalynn maintained the family peanut business when they left the White House and returned to the home they constructed in Plains.

So, how did the couple endure the ups and downs of 76 years of marriage?

It all essentially refers to a few basic things, they say.

They’ve simply grown closer and closer, Jimmy explained.

Jimmy and she are constantly seeking for activities to do together,  Rosalynn stated.   Everyone should have their own area.  That is really significant.

She has been quite pleased, Jimmy stated. And he loves her even more now than he did before which is saying a lot, since he loved her a lot before.

Jimmy Carter’s health has recently received considerable attention, with the former president experiencing several scares. He collapsed and shattered his hip in 2019, and the 97-year-old is also a brain cancer survivor.

Here’s wishing Rosalynn a very happy birthday this week, and wishing Jimmy an equally wonderful day on his 98th birthday.

May they have many more good years together.

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