Jobless Family Of 10 Demands Mansion, Gets Perfect Response

Living in Britain means fulfilling their family’s ultimate ambition for Arnold Mballe Sube and his wife Jeanne, both of whom were born in Cameron. Nonetheless, they did not anticipate that this ambition would include struggle to meet the basic necessities of their eight kids, and maybe more in the near future.

The 33-year-old parents burned through over $20,000 in rent in their first few weeks in the nation, paying for a property they couldn’t reasonably afford. Yet, they were unable to create a sustainable budget and reduce in order to survive on their own.

When the Subes learned about the advantages available to immigrants, they applied for every assistance program for which they were eligible. The family soon received $1,656 per month in rent and over $57,000 in yearly benefits. However, they determined that this was insufficient for a family of ten to flourish.

The Sube family was given three alternative apartments at no cost by the Luton Borough Council after asking for a government-funded house. When the Subes were eventually awarded a 5-bedroom home into which they could immediately move for free, they had only one thing to say.

After being offered a beautiful 5-bedroom house for free, the family of ten declined, claiming that the residence would be too “cramped.” However, they asserted on taxpayers providing them with a considerably larger house that was more than double the size they were allocated, with at least 6 double-sized bedrooms for their kids.

The council made three further attempts to accommodate their request, each time providing them larger homes. Finally, the family was offered the option of choosing a house or paying for their own. The Subes reluctantly accepted the offer, taking a $551,300 property in a desirable section of town. Arnold Mballe Sube later indicated that such an approach is the very minimum that the nation could do for him.

Their new house comprises a detached property with four double bedrooms, a utility room, a garage, a yard, and a driveway, which would cost about $19,000 per year to rent. Despite having what they consider to be just sufficient space for their eight kids, the Subes have not ruled out having additional kids.

Locals describe the house as a “beautiful estate,” and it is located in a very desired metropolitan suburb. Citizens are outraged by the decision, calling it “unjust” that the family gets to move in merely since they don’t make enough money.

Similarly, the case has piqued the interest of legislators, particularly those seeking to reform welfare and relieve the load on already overburdened taxpayers. David Morris, a Conservative MP from Luton, slammed the decision and criticized the council for enabling individuals to misuse the system.

In addition to their $500,000 property, the Subes have happily accepted several taxpayer-funded goodies. Arnold has been awarded $35,000 to complete a three-year psychiatric degree. They were also given free lodging at the Hampton by Hilton hotel in Luton for four months while looking for a home, which cost taxpayers just under $50,000 in rent and room service.

Since the Sube family regarded their statements to be disrespectful and inaccurate, some newspapers were obliged to recant their initial reports. Arnold stated that he had previously worked two jobs and was still unable to pay for his eight children. He argued that he had just used his statutory rights by requesting a larger residence from the authorities. Furthermore, the Mirror was compelled to reach a financial settlement with the Subes, paying them a “confidential settlement sum plus their fair legal fees.”

The Sube family believes they are entitled every dime they have gotten from taxpayers. They have also not ruled out the possibility of having more kids in the future. For the time being, we can only presume that the family of ten is living nicely on the dole, while families that work more difficult jobs battle to afford less opulent lifestyles.

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