Jobless Man Was In Tears When He Saw This At His Doorstep.

Story by Charlotte Richard

It was the usual Christmas rush of people coming and going, with large parcels tucked under their arms. I stood at the living room window and watched them scurry home to their loved ones, as the snow fell softly to the ground.

I turned to my husband who was in the kitchen unpacking the grocery bags. “This is going to be the best Christmas ever,” I said, smiling down at our infant son. “It’s going to be his very first Christmas!”

Jerry smiled at me, “I can’t wait either.”

Matthew cooed happily, playing on the living room rug with his teething toys. “Just wait until tomorrow,” Jerry poked his head out from around the fridge. “Your auntie Carol is flying out for an entire week. I just know she’s going to spoil you rotten.”

Matthew perked up at the sound of her name, flailing his toys excitedly on the carpet. I watched our healthy, happy son, surrounded by so much. He was such a fortunate child. I went to the window once again and stared blankly at the snow banks. Christmas was in two more days, yet something didn’t feel right.

I suddenly felt an ache in my chest, one I couldn’t explain. It was a premonition. I turned and looked over at Jerry, who was now standing in the middle of the kitchen with the same odd expression on his face. He joined me at the living room window, his face pale and worried. Then we both turned to one another and muttered at the same time, “We need to pack a Christmas hamper for Kathy and Robert.”

Jerry looked into my eyes in surprise. We both started to laugh and praise God. It must be a sign! Our closest and dearest friends must be in dire need. Then I hesitated in wonder.

“Jerry,” I said aloud. “Why would they need our help? After all, Robert has a good paying job and is employed full time. This feeling we have must be a mistake.”

“Don’t you think it’s a coincidence that we both felt this at the same time?” Jerry questioned. “Maybe it’s God’s will. I still think we should pack a hamper just in case. And if we’re wrong, at least it was a good gesture.”

I couldn’t help but think of Robert’s wife and three young kids. What if they were in need of help and we didn’t do anything? I nodded in agreement. “You’re right. We’ll do it.”

Jerry went right to work packing boxes of groceries from our kitchen cupboards, while I quickly rushed out and bought a turkey and all the fixings for their dinner. After buying gifts for the kids and purchasing a one-hundred dollar gift certificate, I hurried home to wrap the hamper in ribbons and bows.

Jerry and I were excited. We couldn’t wait to deliver the packages. We bundled Matthew in a snowsuit and headed out the door. The air was crisp and cold as we stepped out into the night. We drove three blocks and turned the corner leading to their driveway. All the lights were on in the house. I unfastened Matthew from the car seat, while Jerry lugged boxes to their front door.

As I passed the dining room window, I couldn’t help but notice Kathy and Robert leaning over the table with their heads down in prayer. I hesitated momentarily, before knocking. I could hear the patter of little feet running across the room. Kathy opened the door breathless, with her 7-year old daughter hanging on her skirt. Kathy took one look at us and things we had brought with us and started to cry. She motioned for her husband to come to the door. Robert’s mouth dropped open, as tears came to his eyes.

“You’re our guardian angels,” he whispered. “We were just praying for some miracle to help us this Christmas, and here you are.”

All the children gathered around and welcomed us into their home. Tessa the oldest girl grabbed my hand tightly. “Thank you,” she smiled. “You see, my dad lost his job two weeks ago and we didn’t think we were going to have a Christmas, until now. I guess God really does answer our prayers.”

I hugged her tight, my heart overjoyed. I realized at that moment that God does still speak to us in today’s day and age. We just need to listen.

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