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John Travolta’s Daughter Slammed For Wearing Sheer Corset — Dad Is Proud Of Her As She Pursues Three Careers.

John Travolta has been a great parent even though he has been through the worst agony possible twice.

Knowing how brief life might be, Travolta remains a dedicated parent to his kids. Now that his daughter has reached the Hollywood limelight, her dad is entirely behind her and has showered her with compliments. Supporters had a lot to say about Ella online as well, although some remarks were surprising.

In September 2020, the 22-year-old made her modeling debut at New York Fashion Week. Her father was overjoyed when she walked the catwalk for Karl Lagerfeld’s “Cara Loves Karl” collection. The actor praised her on social media, writing that he was really pleased with Ella’s debut at New York Fashion Week!

As the young model shared a photo from the event on Instagram, the actor expressed his delight once again.

Ella was wearing the same clothing she wore on the catwalk in the shot, which was a fitted black suit with a sensual but beautiful lace corset top. She wore it with black leggings and her hair slicked back, revealing her lovely face.

Ella reminded some individuals of her late mother, exhibiting an incredible likeness, but she also exuded Travolta vibes.

However, not all were as thrilled as the proud father. Several people slammed the young lady, telling her she needed to be more modest.

Fortunately, many others responded to those bullies, calling them out for their terrible remarks and stating that Ella was a fantastic, beautiful young lady who didn’t deserve to be spoken about in that manner.

Several people saw her likeness to Preston and informed her that her late mother would be as proud of her as her dad.

Ella may have just recently begun to create a reputation for herself in the modelling world, but she is no stranger to working in the entertainment industry. In 2022, she premiered her song “Dizzy,” which you can listen to on Spotify, and began preparations for the release of her EP.

Not only that, but s he is more than simply a singer and model. The young Travolta will also star in “Get Lost,” a contemporary spin on Alice in Wonderland, in which she will assume the major role. Obviously, her dad couldn’t wait to share the good news on social media.

With parents like Travolta and Preston, it’s no wonder that Ella is already making a name for herself in Hollywood at such a young age. She may get a few unpleasant remarks in the future, but being in the limelight comes with the territory.

Travolta went on “The Talk” in 2019 and disclosed a lot about his daughter, as well as his enormous pride in her. The actor defined himself as a “stage dad” while working on the 2019 film “The Poison Rose” with his daughter.

Travolta went on to tell how Ella was given a tremendous task on her first day of shooting, despite the fact that her most recent film role was opposite Robin Williams in 2009’s “Old Dogs.”

They handed her the most difficult scenario right away, on a tight timetable. She had to start crying at 4 a.m. while clutching a pistol. It’s rare for performers to get emotionally involved so immediately and so early in their careers, but Travolta praised Ella.

When questioned about having her dad join her on set, the young actress said it was a big comfort. It was quite beneficial for her to have his encouragement, and he made several recommendations between scenes.

Yet Travolta is more than simply a loving father to his kids. For their sake, he strives to stay up with the times. He listens to the newest music at home and follows current dance trends online.

Ella confessed that he was their instructor, not vice versa. When the floss came out, her dad taught them the techniques and even showed them videos.

Ella, unlike many youngsters, is not ashamed of her dad’s dancing. She did, though, tell Jimmy Kimmel on his late-night program that Travolta embarrassed her in another manner, which occurred in front of Taylor Lautner.

At the peak of “Twilight” fame, Ella was “Team Jacob,” and Lautner visited their home. She and her buddies were admiring photos of the star and fantasizing about meeting him. Ella was curious about his family since they were also seeing them.

Yet, to Ella’s chagrin, when Lautner arrived at the Travolta residence, Travolta quickly informed him and his family that Ella had been investigating them online. Travolta justified himself to Jimmy Kimmel.

Lautner, thankfully, smiled, and the shame faded fast. Ella, on the other hand, said that her face was flushed and she was “cringing” at the moment.

Travolta and his daughter’s social media postings show that they have a wonderful connection. On Ella’s birthday, for example, the actor shared a snapshot of Ella.

Ella also adores her dad, and on Father’s Day in 2019, she shared a flashback picture of the two from when she was a child.

Ella’s friendship with Preston was equally lovely. For birthdays, Mother’s Day, and even Valentine’s Day, the young starlet would often post about her mom on social media.

In 2019, she shared a flashback picture of herself and her mom with the caption: “Happy Happy Birthday Mama!! You are so beautiful, kind, talented, smart, funny and so much more!! I love you to the moon and back.”

Ella wrote in another post: “Happy Mother’s Day to this incredible woman. Beautiful inside and out, hard-working and the most amazing mother and wife. I love you so much!!!”

No one in the Travolta family will forget Preston, and Ella will respect her legacy in the future, as seen by a tribute video she released on her birthday, October 13, 2022.

Ella clearly adores both of her parents, and it’s apparent that they connected even more after suffering through sadness together.

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