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John Travolta’s Half-Orphan Daughter, 22, Shares Daddy’s Birthday Pic – They’re Each Other’s Rock after Loss.

Ella Travolta, John Travolta’s oldest child and daughter, went to Instagram in February 2023 to pay respect to him as he celebrated his birthday. Ella and her younger brother, Benjamin Travolta, were orphaned when their mom, Kelly Preston, died.

The actress died of breast cancer in 2020 at the age of 57, leaving her husband to raise their 2 kids as a single parent. Preston’s struggle with the illness was short-lived, as she died after two years of fighting it.

Following the actress’s death, John and Ella have been called as each other’s rocks, and they might be strong for Benjamin if they work together. Fans could see what occurred to Ella, then 22, as well as how John’s daughter honored him on his birthday.

Ella shared an Instagram photo of them smiling together in anticipation of John’s 69th birthday on February 18, 2023. The actor’s daughter observed that it was her “hero’s” birthday and professed her love for him, noting that he was the best parent, friend, and role model anybody could ask for.

Preston’s daughter has made it a point to pay respect to her dad on several occasions on Instagram throughout the years. Ella publicly highlighted what type of dad he was for 2022’s Father’s Day festivities in those postings, and she uploaded a family picture of herself, Benjamin, and John.

The actor’s daughter regarded him as the most giving, intelligent, and caring guy she had ever met. He’d taught her the most “essential life lessons” simply by being himself, she said, and she appreciated him for all he’d done and for being her buddy.

She shared a family picture again on the same holiday in 2021 and admitted that he made parenting seem so effortless. Ella said that her dad made every day better than the one before it and provided her and Benjamin pleasure when they were depressed.

She called him her closest friend and said they loved him to the moon and back. John’s daughter said that she aspired to be half as wonderful a parent as her father and referred to him as a “amazing guy.”

Ella posted another family picture on his birthday in 2021, emphasizing that he was the most amazing guy she had ever met. Ella praised him for raising them, assisting them, loving them, and for all else he did on a regular basis.

She said the world was theirs, and they were both blessed to have him. On John’s birthday in 2020, his daughter posted a photo of him and her, describing him as unselfish, loving, and kind, emphasizing how he made the world a better place with every step he took.

Ella thanked them for having him in their lives before confessing her love. In the past, the “Hairspray” actor boasted about his daughter’s composure, generosity, beauty, and grace, adding that he had no idea how she got that way!

John said that he was not responsible for how she turned out, and that his only acceptable contribution was to admire her! The father-daughter connection looked to be deep, and it enabled the family to endure despite Preston’s death.

On July 13, 2020, John revealed his wife’s death on Instagram. Ella reshared the same photograph her dad used to notify her mother’s passing, saying she’d never encountered anybody as strong, caring, brave, and beautiful as the late actress.

Benjamin’s sister said that everyone who was fortunate enough to have seen or been in the company of her mom understood she had a shine and brightness that never faded. Preston could also make anyone around her feel immediately joyful.

John’s daughter praised her mom for always being there for her, for helping her, and for making the world a better place. She said that the late actress made life so lovely and that she believed Preston would continue to do so before confessing her feelings for her.

On Mother’s Day in May 2021, the older Travolta kid thanked her mother with a flashback snapshot of herself as a youngster, with the actress appearing younger. Ella praised her mom for all she accomplished for her family and the world, saying she misses and loves her very dearly, yet her smile, warmth, and love will live forever.

John’s daughter not only inherited many of her parents’ positive characteristics, but she also followed in their professional footsteps. It was announced in October 2022 that she was preparing for the release of her film “Get Lost’s,” in which she played the starring role.

Ella made her acting debut in the 2009 film “Old Dogs,” alongside her parents. In 2019, she co-starred in “The Poison Rose” alongside her father, but she’s also making a name for herself in the music industry, releasing her debut song, “Dizzy,” in 2022.

Preston’s daughter remained out of the spotlight for many years, and her media appearances included modeling. She attended Kate Spade’s New York Fashion Week show in August 2022, and the following month, she walked the red carpet at the Cara Loves Karl capsule collection New York City launch party.

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