Johnny Depp Denies Putting Cigarettes Out on Amber Heard As Audio Recordings Are Played In Court.

In the former couple’s ongoing defamation case, Johnny Depp was back on the stand Monday morning, testifying under cross questioning from Amber Heard’s attorneys.

The defense immediately presented a number of audio recordings of the two arguing, as well as text messages Depp made to a number of others. Amber can be heard saying in the first audio clip, “You f—-ing have repercussions for your behavior, so go throw your f—-ing cigarettes on someone else. That’s all!” “Shut up, fat ass!” he yells in response.

When asked about the interaction on the stand, Depp claimed it was another greatly exaggerated moment of Ms. Heard.

He further added he did not light a cigarette on her or toss a cigarette at her.In another audio chat, Amber is heard telling Depp, “you beat the s—- out of me,” before turning back a week later “claiming you want to say goodbye.” In the next tape, he can be heard saying to her, “Walking away is necessary, especially between you and me. It is critical. If I don’t go away now, the next move will be a bloodbath. Of course, it was just like that on the island. It’s not worth it.” She answers by saying that no one in their right mind is going to prefer a blood flood over walking away.

In another scene, Heard informs Depp that he always “gets a stab in, you throw a swing when you can… when better than when I’m on the flood, because that’s when it’s really wonderful to strike someone.” Depp can be heard referring to Heard as a “In another recording, he adds, “This is not healthy, you stupid f—-” before saying, “This is not healthy, you stupid f—-.” 

Heard’s lawyer also aired a video tape in which Heard is purportedly heard yelling, “Get off me,” but when Depp was asked about it, he said he didn’t hear it, only yelling in the background and him responding, “I’ll talk to you later.”Depp stated in the messages played aloud in court that he hoped “Karma steps in and snatches the gift of breath” from Amber.

He informed her in another “There will be no goddamn meetings, no movies… “Why do you stray from our agreement?” she said after stating that she had a “coffee meeting.”” Explaining the text, Depp stated it was “not necessarily an angry text,” he just assumed they “had an agreement to do something together.” “It’s not about her doing pictures,” he said, “how do you think she got Aquaman, sir?” – He didn’t want her to act before telling the lawyer it was “patently false.”

A text message from Depp to Dr. David Kipper, an addiction expert who worked with the actor, was brought up again during the trial, in which he wrote, hacked the top of his middle finger off. On the stand, Depp stated that his remark should not be taken literally since playing guitar is the only thing that offered him serenity and chopping off his own finger would be “extremely unlikely.”In another text to his estate manager, Johnny vented his rage at ex-wife Vanessa Paradis while describing his daughter Lily-Rose Depp’s supposed response to his drinking. “I’m still trying to recover from my stunning conversation with Vanessa for the last 5+ hours!!! I’m sick and have poured my guts into some back alley “He penned, “Now, Lily-Rose despises me because she suspects I’m drinking, and she’s correct, but I can’t acknowledge it otherwise I’ll f—ing die in her eyes… Vanessa, thank you for that.”

As the cross-examination proceeded, Heard’s lawyer read texts from Depp thanking Amber for her support during his detox, read headlines about Depp’s purportedly troubling behavior while filming the fourth “Pirates” film, and inquired why the actor sued Heard and not the Washington Post for her op-ed in which she claimed to be a victim of domestic violence. “She was the one making the allegations,” he added, “and I had the chance to strike back.”

The cross-examination came to an end with that.

Depp is suing his ex-wife for defamation after she claimed she was a victim of domestic abuse.  Depp was not named in the article, but his attorneys claim it is clearly implied, and that his profession has suffered as a result. She has filed a countersuit against Depp for $100 million. Depp had previously lost a previous case in the United Kingdom over the identical piece. The six-week experiment is scheduled to run six weeks.

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Johnny Depp ‘If I don’t walk away it’s going to be a bloodbath.’ Amber Heard in audio played at trial