Johnny Depp Felt ‘Betrayed’ By Disney Over Pirates, Recalled ‘Blinding Hurt’ Over Heard Op-Ed.

Actor Johnny Depp’s time on the court room stand sustained on Monday, with a re-direct from his personal legal group following cross-questioning by Amber Heard’s.

Depp’s attorney first asked how he felt after reading Amber’s op-ed in The Washington Post in which she claimed she was a prey of domestic ferocity. The actor was not named in the piece, but his attorneys maintain that it is strongly made out and that his career suffered badly as a consequence of that.

In his primary response, Depp said that it was nothing less than a shock. Because he, at that point, it had been a good two years of the charges, of the claims, planted firmly on his back. This is somewhat he had to carry with him and he just couldn’t trust that it was lasting in such a way.

When Depp was questioned how the op-ed made him sense, he said he was extraordinary upset. While expressing his disappointment, Depp said that it seems like somebody hit him in the back of the head with a 2×4 and he had no capability to voice prior to, because even if he would have done an conference to try and clarify himself, it turned into a hit piece, so his mouth was sealed. He added that this was the prospect where he thought, something’s got to be done and he couldn’t take it any longer.

Depp’s team then wondered when he got to know that Disney wouldn’t carry on casting him as Captain Jack Sparrow in future Pirates of the Caribbean films. He responded that it was about 2-3 days after the op-ed, mentioning to an interview that Disney’s Sean Bailey did which was published two days after the Washington Post piece and implied they would be enduring the franchise minus him.

Depp claimed that the character that he played in Pirates of the Caribbean, Captain Jack Sparrow, he put together from the ground up and contributed a lot to it including reframing the dialogues, some of his hilarious joked and scenes. He added that he didn’t quite realise how after that long association and fairly a fruitful connection certainly for Disney, that abruptly he was guilty until established innocent.

He added that he had been approached to take part in Pirates of the Caribbean 6 and said that his feeling was that these roles should be able to have their suitable goodbye as usual. He said that it has been such a long established character and there should be a right way to bring it to the end and he has planned on carrying on with the character until it was a time to say goodbye.

When questioned about Amber’s attorney referencing Depp saying that he wouldn’t coming back to the franchise for $300 million and a million alpacas, Depp said he made those remarks after there was a very profound and different sense of having been deceived by the people that he had been working with, the people he had functioned firm for, people he had provided a character to that they originally reviled. He added that he said that in 2021 and the op-ed and Bailey’s remarks came out in 2018.

The actor has previously lost a former court case he took in the UK over the same piece that appeared in The Sun.

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