Johnny Depp Trial Has Fans Thanking Dior for Always Standing by Him.

The majority of the public appears to be on Depp’s side, thanks to audio recordings, witness testimony, and other proof revealed in the trial.

Numerous Depp fans have taken to social media to criticize Disney and Warner Bros. for severing relations with the actor over unverified charges. At the same time, the hashtag #ThankYouDior has been trending on Twitter. This is because Dior has retained its relationship with Depp throughout it all, including prominently displaying the actor in promotional materials for his own unique fragrance, Sauvage.

“It’s disheartening to have to start boycotting things you enjoy because others want to pass judgment before they’ve gotten all the facts. At the very least, I will be eternally thankful to Dior “According to one admirer who used the hashtag.of domestic abuse.

“I wrote Dior an email today to express my gratitude for their support of Johnny Depp. I have always supported him and have boycotted Harry Potter, DC, Warner Brothers, and Disney “and another tweet says

“Went shopping today and noticed this Johnny Depp isn’t cancelled #ThankYouDior for standing by him,” another admirer tweets, beside a photograph of a Dior display showing Depp. “I hope he’s having a wonderful weekend; this man is remarkable and still standing strong in the face of everything  he has experienced, and continues to go through.”

Johnny Depp’s sister, Christi Dembrowski, affirmed early in the trial. She asserted to have observed an event involving Depp and Amber Heard, which she claims occurred when Depp was originally approached by Dior about conducting an ad campaign. According to Dembrowski, Heard criticized Depp, claiming that he was “in dismay and sort of appalled” that the fragrance manufacturer wanted to collaborate with the actor.

Dior – Sauvage – The New Elixir

The New Elixir (Starring: Johnny Depp) Director: Jean-Baptiste Mondino DoP: Matias Boucard Released: September 2021

Posted by on Saturday, September 4, 2021

“Dior? Why would Dior want to work with you? “They’re about elegance and flair, and you lack both,” Heard allegedly told Depp.

“She called him an old fat guy,” Dembrowski added. It was infuriating. Taking that one moment away, that insult remains.”

Depp will eventually have to establish at this trial that Heard tried to intentionally smear his reputation by allegedly making false charges against him in her 2018 op-ed. It will be up to the jury to evaluate whether or not that is correct at the end of the trial. Before that, Heard will get her own time to testify, where she will be able to tell her side of the tale. Meanwhile, Heard has fired her public relations staff in order to work with a new agency in the hopes of persuading some of the public over to her side.

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