Johnny Depp’s Daughter, Lily-Rose, Had a Near-Death Experience on ‘Sweeney Todd’ That Almost Resulted in Recasting.

Lily-Rose Depp, Johnny Depp’s daughter, grew up in the entertainment world. She eventually followed in the footsteps of her dad and mom, Vanessa Paradis, and became an actress herself.

Nevertheless, Lily-Rose had a near-death encounter on the set of Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd, starring Johnny Depp, that absolutely shocked the family to its core.According to reports, Lily-Rose was eight years old when Depp took her onto the Sweeney Todd set. She became unwell, though, and was transported to a neighboring British hospital.

It took physicians nine days to figure out that her illness was caused by a poke from a rusted tack that looked to be innocuous at first.It would, however, be extremely risky and life-threatening. According to reports, the injury was left untreated, resulting in blood poisoning. It crept throughout her body, wreaking havoc on her essential organs. The issue deteriorated to the point that they almost had to replace Depp’s role in Sweeney Todd.

Depp remarked that was the saddest time is an understatement. Words are very insignificant. But knowing that those folks, Tim Burton and his crew, had shut down and waited. Depp wasn’t sure if he was going to return. Depp recalls chatting with Tim and saying, ‘perhaps you should recast.’

On the other hand, it was reported that Lily-Rose had fully recovered. However, Depp had to return to Sweeney Todd production as soon as they heard the good news.
Depp explained that once they got the all-clear, he had to get back to work. He had to go back in for Tim. Depp was lucky to have Burton and the rest of the Sweeney Todd cast on his side throughout the process. He wasn’t going to take this excellent news for granted, though. Depp explained that every instant is a mini-celebration. Each time they get to inhale and exhale is a great triumph. Lily-Rose came through brilliantly, flawlessly, with no residual effects.

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Despite this, Depp gave an outstanding portrayal as the title character in Sweeney Todd. The film received Oscar nominations for Best Achievement in Art Direction and Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role, as well as Best Achievement in Costume Design.

In There Will Be Blood, Depp was defeated by Daniel Day-Lewis.
Nonetheless, Depp’s portrayal in Sweeney Todd is remembered fondly by his followers, as well as horror and musical lovers. In this case with Lily-Rose, the actor properly prioritized family before career, yet he was able to fulfill his roles as a dad and an entertainer.

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