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Joshua Jackson Bought His Childhood Home So His Daughter Could Sleep in His Old Bedroom.

Joshua Jackson has only been a famous parent for a few years, yet he’s already giving his kid a very great childhood. Joshua mentioned in an interview that he purchased his childhood house so that his baby might grow up in the bedroom that previously belonged to him as a youngster. Well, that’s quite cool.

Joshua purchased the home in 2001. It’s where he lived before his parents separated, he said, and residing in Topanga, CA, has helped him recover.

Sadly, his father was not a good parent or a spouse and left the scene, he said, but that home in Topanga was where everything seemed easy, so it was a really therapeutic thing for him to accomplish.

His daughter now resides in his bedroom, which remained essentially unaltered.

Joshua said that his childhood bedroom was left exactly how he found it, complete with a dragon painting on the wall that his now 1-year-old may enjoy.

He also discussed how parenting has affected his life.

He said that it has completely transformed the way he approaches his profession and his life. That has been abundantly evident to him over the last year: in order for him to feel good about what he is doing on a daily basis, his family must be the primary emphasis.

The Dawson’s Creek alum also expressed excitement about bringing his daughter scuba diving and skiing, saying she’s been a character from the word ‘go.’

Joshua’s daughter was born in 2020. He and his wife, Jodie Turner-Smith, are expecting their first child in April 2020. While they haven’t revealed much information about their daughter—or any images of her face—it’s evident that they’re both overjoyed to be her parents, and they’ve adjusted to life as a family of three.

We can’t wait to see what this family’s future holds.

We’re crossing our fingers that whatever it is involves Joshua releasing a picture of the dragon mural at some point, because it seems like something we need to see.

His little kid has no idea how fortunate she is. She’ll understand one day that she’s being raised by a former Mighty Duck!

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