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Julia Roberts Shows up with ‘Flat-Ironed Hair’ And Looking Different at 55: ‘She Lost Her Looks’

It had been thirty-three years since Julia Roberts’ film “Beautiful Woman” was released in March 2023. The actor was shot by her makeup artist during an excursion that year, and the picture was posted on social media.

The image revealed how the celebrity had matured and how she appeared now. Social media users, however, had mixed feelings about Robert’s look, with some applauding her and others condemning her.

The celebrity’s part, which she shared with starring man Richard Gere, earned her a slew of other projects over the years. Following their appearances in “Pretty Woman,” both Roberts and Gere performed the following.

After the triumph of “Beautiful Woman” in 1990, Roberts and Gere’s professions took a positive turn. The former was regarded as a main guy, whereas the performer was regarded as the industry’s newest superstar.

The two actors quickly became Hollywood’s most desired, and a decade later, in 1999, they worked again in “Runaway Bride,” and Roberts went on to appear in other blockbusters such as 2010’s “Eat Pray Love,” the “Ocean” series, and 2013’s “August: Osage County.”

In their personal lives, the actor, then 55, married Lyle Lovett in 1993, but they split after two years of marriage. In the year 2000, the star met photographer Danny Moder.

After a brief courtship, they married two years later and received twins Phinnaeus and Hazel, then 18 and a boy Henry, then 15. Gere, on the other hand, married three times, the first time to Cindy Crawford.

From 1991 to 1995, the performer and the models were married. He married Carey Lowell in 2002, and they had a son, Homer, before their marriage terminated in divorce in 2016, and Gere married his third wife, Alejandra Silva, two years later.

In 2020, he and the Spanish journalist received Alexander, followed by another boy. Even though Roberts was approaching 60, her attractiveness was still being recognised and she was being used in advertisements.

Chopard, a brand Roberts has previously promoted, unveiled her as the face of its new ad on March 23, 2023. In addition to posing for the business, the actor was appointed as its “world representative.”

Despite this, the Charity Relief backer remained Lancôme’s face, having been with the company since 2009. The Oscar winner’s most recent commercial for the company featured her wearing a white shirt.

It was disclosed the year she began with Lancôme that she made more than $50 million, and it is expected to be much higher in 2023. The actor would be Chopard’s worldwide representative, representing women’s fine jewellery, timepieces, and luxury jewellery lines.

A radiant Roberts disclosed that she was “on set” in a social media video, wearing diamond-encrusted heart-shaped earrings and looking younger than her age.

Genevieve Herr, a makeup artist, posted a black-and-white Instagram picture of Roberts standing for a Chopard advertising photo on March 16, 2023. The picture went viral on social media.

Someone else was taken aback by the photo, saying, “OH, that’s a harsh photo, not a nice appearance.” However, another individual felt the performer had “aged wonderfully.”

Another admirer thought the actress was an “outstanding actor,” but her “life bio narrative is difficult,” noting that Roberts had “torn up too many marriages” before pointing out that Danny was married when they met.

Someone other inquired whether the actress’s “teeth, mouth, and chin grow back?,” while another pondered what she had done to her nose. A fan responded to the preceding poster, stating that Robert’s nose shift was “part of aging.”

An Instagram user claimed that the photograph did not accurately depict the celebrity’s present appearance. The admirer advised the actress not to “apply filters” since it was “not how she appears now.”

The original poster contended that people’s noses do not get larger with age. Another reviewer said the celebrity’s jaw and teeth were “too huge,” as were her nose and ears, before labelling her “immoral.”

The follower was referring to the celebrity’s loss of her half-sister. In her suicide letter from 2014, Roberts’ half-sister seemed to blame the actress for her melancholy and for pushing her over the brink.

According to reports, Nancy Motes, Roberts’ half-sister, left a suicide note in which she confessed that the actress was so nasty that she drove her into the darkest misery she has ever been in. Motes labelled her sister as a “so-called sibling” in her scribbled message.

The star’s sister believed she deserved nothing if she died except the knowledge that she had driven her to that fate. Motes alleged that Roberts’ torture was so severe that she breaks into tears because she wakes up.

On February 9, 2014, the actress’ half-sister died of an illicit drug overdose at the age of 37, prompting her fiancé, John Dilbeck, to sue for control of her inheritance. Motes’ suicide note was discovered at the death site.

Dilbeck would have everything he wanted from Roberts’ stuff, including Lucy, their dog, if anything happened to her, according to Roberts’ brother. Her mother, Betty Lou Bredemus, and “siblings” she blamed for forcing her into the worst sadness she’d ever known.

Motes said she had suffered from depression her whole life, but it had never gotten as terrible as this. The message was presented in court proceedings relating to her inheritance, with one piece addressed to Dilbeck, another to Bredemus and Roberts, and the third to “all.”

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