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Julia Roberts’ Twins Are All Grown Up – She Wishes Them Happy 18th Birthday with Rare Photo.

Julia Roberts came to Instagram on November 28, 2022, to post a rare snapshot of her twin children. Hazel and Phinnaeus “Finn” Moder were seen as newborns in the kitchen with their mom in the adorable flashback photo.

Roberts held one of the twins, while the other sat at a table with toys facing the camera. The photo obscured both kids faces, with their mother indicating what special event had prompted the post.

The actress, who will be 55 in November 2022, disclosed in the caption of her image that her kids had reached 18 before declaring her love for them. The “Ticket to Paradise” actress and her husband, Danny Moder, had their first child in 2004.

In 2007, the couple welcomed their second child, Henry Daniel, who will be 15 in 2022. While Roberts is a brilliant actor, some may question her talents as a loving parent.

Yet, the actress was equally fiery in her parenting as she was in her acting. She took the responsibility honestly and did all she could to safeguard her children while still caring for and loving them.

During a 2019 interview, Roberts talked about her 16-year marriage to Danny and their family. The “Pretty Woman” star said that they had three small kids at the time.

She admitted to being “cautious” about turning on the television. The actress admitted that having kids in the current era was exciting since everything was fresh, including the resources and demands.

She mentioned how difficult it was to hold the entire universe in one’s hands. The “Ben Is Back” actress also disclosed how she tries to safeguard her kids from current-day exposures.

The celebrity and her spouse were tasked with teaching the trio how to cope with the concerns brought on by technology while remaining in the spotlight. The pair agreed that one method to protect themselves was to avoid social media and the limelight.

While Roberts and her husband aim to keep their children off social media, they have both disobeyed the norm on occasion. The pair would occasionally give admirers a glimpse of their family.

Roberts’ 2022 post was not the first time she and her husband used to social media to wish their twins a happy birthday and to showcase their children’s development. Danny released one of the clearest shots of his twin twins in November 2021!

While Hazel was eating breakfast, the cameraman posted a snapshot of the two sitting at the dining table. The children’s father mentioned how they turned 17 on that day and thanked the “rabble-rousers” for assisting him in his path through parenting.

Roberts’ husband uploaded a family photo with him, the twins, his wife, and Henry in 2019. Danny shared how much they liked the actress, who was practically in the middle of the shot, while the family crowded around her to fit.

The actress was interviewed in April 2022 and discussed her twins starting college in the autumn. She admits to feeling dizzy when she talked about it, yet she was happy for the kids.

Roberts remarked on how exciting the change was since she did not have the opportunity to attend college. Seeing that occur to her kids fascinated the actress.

Danny’s wife also kept followers up to speed on her family’s life after relocating to northern California. She said how they always felt like they were living outside of Los Angeles and how they believed the relocation was fantastic.

Moving three kids in the midst of a COVID-19 outbreak was not easy, according to Roberts, but they succeeded. Everyone seemed to be doing well and cheerful, according to the actress.

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