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Jurassic World: Dominion Star Bryce Dallas Howard Reveals She Was Pressured to Lose Weight Before Filming

Bryce Dallas Howard said that she was ordered to reduce weight for her part in Jurassic World: Dominion, which is hard to imagine in 2022.

Bryce Dallas Howard is certainly a gorgeous lady on top of being a highly skilled actress who has been a cornerstone in the Jurassic World trilogy, so it’s difficult to imagine that she, too, can’t be free of the assumption that women always strive for weight loss. Sadly, the actress stated that she was requested to do just that for her most recent picture.

Bryce told more about her experience working on ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ in a new interview.

Bryce answered on what her presence in this franchise has meant for women in action films, saying, what being in this third picture enabled, how do she put it, she has been instructed to refrain from using her natural body in film.

Bryce clarified that the request was not made by filmmaker Colin Trevorrow.

In the third movie, it was really due to the large number of ladies cast that Colin felt very passionately about protecting her, Bryce revealed, adding that the issue came up again, they need to urge Bryce to lose weight.

Bryce confessed that Trevorrow defended her. He was like, there are a lot of different types of women in this world, and there are a number of different options of women in their movie, Bryce said, adding, and she got to perform so many stunts that wouldn’t have been feasible if she had been dieting. So she is pretty excited about all the action she’ll be able to perform with her body.

Bryce stated that her body was at full strength, adding, she thinks it’s just another indicator of what’s achievable.

We’re delighted Bryce had a director that stood up for her on the set, and that it’s becoming less frequent for women to be encouraged to lose weight for jobs that have no connection with their appearances!

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