Karen Calls The Cops On Driver She Crashed Into, Regrets It After They See The Surveillance Footage.

An automobile collision is one of the quickest ways to spoil your day. If it was your fault or not, interacting with a stranger and hoping they would be reasonable, calling the authorities, exchanging insurance information, and arranging auto repairs may all take a lot of energy. In most cases, it is clear who is at blame and liable. Even yet, there are always a few drivers who don’t comprehend the norms of the road or social relations. In this story a guy detailed his nightmarish encounter with Karen who refused to accept responsibility for her behaviour. You can read the complete tale, which may make you want to pull your hair out, below, and then let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Reddit

So some back story I own a Jeep (#jeeplife) fully built, lift kit, A.D.D bumpers the whole shebang. So one day I’m coming home from work it’s a summer day the roof is off and I’m having some open top fun.

Stop at a red light and suddenly screeeeech BANG!

I drive forward slightly and go back to assess the damage and lo and behold it’s a Mercedes C class new one on that as well. Completely destroyed from the front and my beautiful Jeep had no damage apart from a few scratches.

I went to check on the passenger of the Merc. Got them out luckily she was unharmed these mercs are definitely safe.

Under a minute after she’s out of the car she starts screaming about how I wrecked HER car. I told her calmly that she was the one who rammed into me. I think she understood how hitting her would be impossible.

I offer to share our insurance details because I know that Mercedes damage doesn’t come cheap. But she said she didn’t have insurance. She insisted that I pay her 10k cash, how did she got this number? I don’t know.

I said that was just plain wrong as

  1. She hit me
  2. It’s her fault for not having insurance

She then went on a ramble on how her kids needed the money and they had no money at the time and now her kids will have to starve because she will have to pay to fix her car and how it will all be my fault when they are on the street tomorrow ,yeah on the street with a Mercedes my a** (that is why you should have insurance)

But no she said that she would call the cops if I didn’t pay her. I refused, as this is just dumb so then she called the cops…………..yeah

Cops came assessed the damage and asked us what Happened and she said and I quote “he backed into me at full speed on a red light” SMH

Then they asked me what happened and I told them. And it became a he said she said situation.

Luckily a shopkeeper was there and saw the whole thing and even captured it on a surveillance camera

Needless to say I came out on top. Cops got her for reckless driving or driving without insurance. She then started yelling at the cops about how they would just let a criminal get away. They explained that I did nothing wrong and that they now had video evidence. The partner of the cop came to me and told me if I could drive I could leave sooooooooo I got in my Jeep and left.

Never wanna have a Karen experience again, not worth it.

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