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Karma Catches Up With Rude Mom And Obnoxious Kid At Burger King.

A Burger King customer, who was merely desiring a Whopper, was in line after he “hadn’t had the best of days” and could feel “a headache building on,” which was exacerbated by an unpleasant youngster in line behind him. While patiently waiting in the “extremely long time,” the man’s attention was immediately pulled to the “lady yapping on her cell phone with a tiny monster of a kid,” and his tolerance rapidly wore thin.

The child, per the unidentified client, was utterly out of hand. When things didn’t go his way, he screamed, punched his mom, and threw a handheld video game about. Making things worse, the youngster’s mother seemed unconcerned by her rowdy toddler, who started shouting incessantly, “I want a f***ing pie!”

The man was at his wits’ end after standing in line for around 5 minutes and tolerating the unpleasant parent and her annoying child. He had gone from a headache to a full-fledged migraine, yet nothing was going to stop him from obtaining those burgers, he remembered in a post about the event titled “Am I a bad person for this?”

Not being able to take much more, he turned to the mom and politely begged her to kindly calm or quiet her kid. She instantly gets up in his face and tells him that he can’t teach her anything about parenting her child and that he should mind his own business. When the boy screams out again about wanting a pie, the mom calms him, calling him sweetie and promising they’ll receive pies for lunch since she loves him so much, the irritated Burger King customer commented.

As the scenario remained the same, with the youngster crying and screaming in line, the irritated client was compelled to wait another 5 minutes before reaching the head of the line. All he could remember about as he waited at the counter, ready to order, was how the mom and her monster had destroyed his Burger King pleasure and given him a headache. That’s when he made the decision to destroy their day.

He ordered every pie Burger King offered in addition to his burgers. It ended up being a total of 23 pies. As he was taking his order and walking towards the exit, he heard a woman exclaim, “What do you mean you don’t have any pies left!?”

He turns around to see the cashier pointing him out, and the woman gives me a death stare. He stands there and pulls out a pie and slowly starts to eat while he gazes back at her, wrote the brave, pie-loving man. She starts racing towards him but is blocked by several people in the food court. He turned and walked away slowly.

Even though there is no way to verify the veracity of his narrative, it serves an important function. It serves as a warning to impolite parents who are unwilling to manage their misbehaving kids in public. You never realize when you’ll be at the mercy of someone else, therefore it’s best to be pleasant and discipline your children. Yes, you may be having a bad day, and parenting may be difficult, but you have no idea what the others around you are going through, and they should not have to put up with your kid’s awful conduct.

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