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Kate Middleton’s Trick for Rock Hard Abs Is Actually Really Simple

We all have seen her in recent public appearances and undoubtedly, Kate Middleton is in extremely good shape. In spite of being a mother of three young children, it’s pretty remarkable that Kate is able to stay so strong and fit.

Kate keeps her fitness routine withouta personal coach. In fact, her diet and workout routine are totally basic.

As per the reports, the duchess’s training is as relaxed as can be and can be done anyplace. Running is her exercise of choice and she lifts weights at home whenever she can.  

One more workout that Kate follows, is the plank which helps toughen her abdominal muscles.

Moreover, Kate is said to practice a Swiss gymnasium ball, which is a huge overblown ball that helps fortify her core. 

Having an everyday breakfast of berries and oatmeal, Kate usually cooks most of the family’s meals. Kate also occasionally follows the Dukan Diet, a French meal strategy, which emphases on consuming plentiful of protein in the first stage and then including veggies and other carbs thereafter.

Just not that Kate look robust, glad, and hale and hearty, she’s got sufficient energy to race after her three children.

Her simple yet fruitful daily routine is a motivation for several.

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