Kathy Griffin Calls Johnny Depp ‘Bloated Booze Bag,’ Defends Amber

Kathy Griffin is taking low-blow punches at Johnny Depp — she believes him to be far from the heartthrob he once was, based on his appearance.

During an appearance on “Just Ask The Question with Brian Karem” this week, immediately after the pro-Depp ruling in Virginia, the comic went on the attack, hurling obscenities at JD and his army of fanboys (and girls).

She particularly poked fun at his looks, comparing him to Trump and claiming he looks like a “bloated alcohol bag” these days, regardless of what his admirers may think.

KG also remarked on his voice and demeanour, claiming it was such a false performance, and she’s surprised anybody is believing it – even comparing him to Kanye West during his wire days. The host concur, stating he sounds British despite being from Kentucky.

Kathy didn’t stop there; she went on to offer her solidarity for Amber, claiming she believed her narrative of claimed abuse regardless of a jury’s findings, and even continued in Amber’s footsteps by bringing up allegedly previous stories about Johnny.

She cites Kate Moss (who rejected being abused by JD) and even Winona Ryder. Her opinion, which is completely theoretical, is that these other females are frightened of being “Amber Heard” and hence won’t come out against him.

We’ll let Kathy speak for herself here but let’s just say she’s gotten a lot of flak for it, from both Depp “fans” and beyond.

It’s one thing to believe Amber however this is a new level of criticism.

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