Kay’s Manager Refuses To Serve Cop Picking Up Engagement Ring — Big Mistake

When a deputy with the Iredell Sheriff’s Department who preferred to maintain anonymity received word that his engagement ring was available for pickup, he rushed over to Kay Jewelers. Sadly, he was in for a harsh shock, unknown to him.

According to Sheriff Darren Campbell, the manager approached the deputy at the entrance and informed him that he could not enter the business while carrying his service weapon. The deputy informed the manager that taking the pistol would be against department rules. Campbell said the deputy left without the ring and termed the incident “tough for them to understand.”

He was denied service since he was in uniform, according to Sheriff Darren Campbell. “That worries him greatly. Not only for them, but for other law enforcement organizations in the area. Campbell stated why the agency has made it illegal for deputies to remove their duty guns. In the event of an emergency, the following is what one may anticipate from an officer: A police officer will be armed. Those are instruments of the profession,” Campbell said, adding that all officers are barred from leaving their firearms at home while on duty.

Sheriff Campbell, though, had more to say. He also used social media to educate the community about a local business’s horrible treatment of a member of police enforcement. The Facebook post received over 10,000 responses, the vast majority of which were in favor of the deputy. Oh, but let that jewelry store be stolen or something occur that needs 911 help, surely they’ll want those policemen to carry the pistol for their own protection. That’s insane, Deidre Rachel Miller left a comment on the post.

The Iredell County Sheriffs Office, along with Sheriff Darren Campbell, are deeply saddened at a situation involving a…

Posted by Iredell County Sheriff on Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Another worried member of the community also chimed in. “Kay Jewelers, you might as well lock your doors right now… The people in this country support our cops, and you’d be hard to receive another client through your door….HUGE MISTAKE!!!!!” Tina Whitaker Carter announced. Others, including concerned citizen Gary Miller, expressed similar feelings, writing, “Never again will I go near Kay’s jewelry. When I practiced, I always welcomed police into my office, regardless of what they were wearing. I believe they would welcome the additional security.”

All of the negative coverage and community response compelled Kay Jewelers to take action. A shop manager accused of refusing an Iredell County deputy’s service firearm is ‘no longer with the firm,’ Kay Jewelers announced a day after learning of the event. Kay Jewelers first commented on Facebook, apologizing genuinely for the mismanagement of this incident. However, based on the community’s response, it seemed that Kay’s corporate executives realized they needed to do more than apologize and dismissed the guilty staff.

With the public’s attention focused on the deputy’s predicament, the Iredell Sheriff’s Department chose to announce some positive news that came out of the whole ordeal. They are beyond pleased to say a wedding proposal occurred… and even happier to report, she said ‘Yes!’ they said on Facebook. As they welcome this future deputy’s wife into the work family, they express their heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for a very happy future.

We comprehend why the deputy wanted to remain anonymous; he didn’t want the narrative to be about him, instead focusing on how many law enforcement officers are abused by certain individuals. Unfortunately, their uniform can make them a focus for both criminals and misguided individuals who overlook that all lawmen take an oath to maintain the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, as well as to safeguard and provide for the community at all costs, even their own lives.

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