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Keanu Reeves Is Engaged To Longtime Girlfriend Alexandra Grant, According To Reports.

Rumor has it that Keanu Reeves proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Alexandra Grant, during a talk with friend and actress Sandra Bullock.

The couple, who have been dating for several years, have yet to issue an official comment in response to the reports. On March 31, 2022, Keanu was apparently looking for diamond rings in Los Angeles.

According to a friend, Keanu proposed after they got home from Europe, when he was filming back-to-back movies, and she was there the entire time to support him.

The friend went on, he knew he couldn’t live without her at that point. It was a heart-to-heart with Sandra (Bullock) that eventually convinced him to pop the question.

Another insider close to Keanu also allegedly stated, Keanu has gone through hell and back, but now he has this great woman in his life. Alexandra is a bright spot in his life. Everybody can see how she makes him happy.

If the couple is engaged, it is unlikely that they will make an official announcement. Since they started dating four years ago, they have kept the majority of their four-year relationship a secret. The duo had been dating for quite some time before news of their relationship surfaced in 2019.

A friend of the couple, actress Jennifer Tilly, revealed that the two had been dating for some time before the public became aware.

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